The Drifters

The DRIFTERS is a new film written and Directed by veteran screenwriter and producer Benjamin Bond (Skins, Killing Bono). It documents Koffee, an African migrant, and Fanny, a French waitress, two lost souls who attempt to find home in one another and escape the labels that inevitably leave them homeless. It’s a sun-drenched romance about identity.  Stars Lucie Bourdeu (En Famille, Tout ce Qui Brill) and rising UK star Jonathan Ajayi (Wonder Woman 1984, Noughts & Crosses, BIFA longlisted), 

THE DRIFTERS is Benjamin Bond’s directorial debut, and the story has a long personal history for him. He explains, “Ten years ago, even before the migration crisis dominated the political and media landscape in Europe, I was increasingly interested in ideas around freedom of movement,” he says.
“I had spent some time in Senegal working on the music concert ‘Africa Live’ for PBS. I met a lot of West African musicians and spoke to a lot of local people, there were so many young people leaving Africa on foot. That’s a big story now but it wasn’t then. I became interested in the disparity between where I could go and what I could do versus people who couldn’t even leave their countries.”   THE DRIFTERS tells the story of what happens when one of the adventurers makes it all the way to the UK and starts a new life.

Watch the Trailer below.


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