13 June 2023 to 17 June 2023 The Cockpit

Presenting an outrageous and laugh-out-loud production with no filter, Wallfrog takes Tipsy to The Cockpit theatre this summer. Written and produced by Birmingham Film Festival 2019 winner Edie Walwyn, Tipsy is a vivid exploration into the mind of an overworked and overwrought young woman, spiralling into burnout and quickly unravelling - taking everybody down with her in the process.

Maria is exhausted, exasperated and erratic. As she walks into a nail salon to get a manicure after a stressful day at work, she has no idea the secrets she is about to spill. With this nail salon serving plenty of booze, the unsuspecting manicure station quickly turns therapist’s office. As her glass never empties, her thoughts are half-full – consumed by her emotions and plagued by the feeling that her nail technician hates her, she drinks, and drinks, and drinks… with disastrous consequences…

Tipsy aims to explore the process of oversharing and when and why we feel content to do so. Why are some subjects so taboo, and who are the right people to share with? Tipsy begs the question, is a problem shared a problem halved?

Intimate discussions revolving around relationships and their misgivings, sexual health and STDs and an open dialogue about mental health are thrust to the forefront of Tipsy, prompting conversation. Playing with genre and form, this production invites the audience into the nail salon to also have these conversations and reflect upon their own misgivings How similar would we be if we all overshared?

TIPSY:  Tuesday 13th – Saturday 17th June 2023 (Saturday 17th June matinee, 2.30pm)

Further Information & Tickets:  Tipsy | The Cockpit