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28 November 2022 to 11 December 2022 Park Theatre

Tunnels portrays the daring escape of cousins Paul and Freddie Metz during the height of the Cold War. This claustrophobic play, accompanied by live music, takes place entirely underground and highlights the struggles of living in one of the most tightly controlled surveillance regimes in history, where neither cousin has a concept of Berlin without the Wall.

Paul is driven by the ideological need to escape communism, while Freddie dreams of materialistic wealth in the West. Their motives may differ, but their goal remains the same, will their tunnel lead to freedom or bury them under an avalanche of dirt? 

The only obstacles in their way are a 20 metre ‘death strip’, hundreds of landmines and the East German secret police, the Stasi. Tunnels tells a tale of love, loyalty, family, nationhood and of course... digging. The show premiered at Army@TheFringe at Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 

Writer and performer Oliver Yellop said: “I have always been fascinated by history, in particular the Cold War and what was behind the Iron Curtain. It seemed so interesting to me that just months before I was born there was this totally different world that had all of a sudden collapsed. I felt that lockdown for many of us was a liminal space, we didn't quite know where we were or where this strange time would lead us, but somehow, we had to keep going forward. That is where the idea of digging came from, digging deep, inch by inch into the unknown.” 

Tunnels is part of the Make Mine a Double season, were four shows starting mid-November and running for four weeks, are programmed to give emerging artists and companies a chance to present their work in short run double bills. Tunnels is programmed in a double bill with Press, a play that explores the freedoms afforded to the press in the UK compared to some other countries.  


Written by Oliver Yellop  

Directed by Colin Ellwood 

Sound design by Fergal Mulloy  

Composed by Benji Hooper 


Oliver Yellop & Lewis Bruniges 

Running Time: 60 mins | Suitable for ages 14+ 

Further Information & tickets visit: Tunnels | Projects | Park Theatre