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Upcoming Exhibition - The Auguries

24 August 2021 to 25 September 2021

Informality is delighted to announce ‘The Auguries’ an upcoming duo exhibition between British female artists, Diane Chappalley and Anna Reading. ‘The Auguries’ will exhibit recent work created over the last year, showing in harmony with one another, Diane Chappalley presents imagined, symbolic contemporary paintings with Anna Readings physical relics of flocking birds uncovering an archaeological past. This outstanding exhibition will take place from August 24th to September 25th 2021.

For thousands of years, birds have been associated with dreams and fortune-telling. They are often seen as omens, the harbingers of prosperity or danger. Birds are central to Diane Chappalley and Anna Reading’s duo exhibition at Informality. Waterbirds emerge as key protagonists, perhaps because they embody the human dream of escaping our earthbound condition.

Anna Reading is a London based artist working in sculpture, performance, drawing and text. Her work celebrates growth and material accumulation. Using modified grotto techniques, she combines aggregates, such as oyster shells surplus from pearl farming, wooden chip-forks and lumps of asphalt extracted from road surfaces.

Diane Chappalley is a London based artists working primarily with paintings. Her large, imagined scenery populated with flowers, shadows, birds and trees exist in a world of silence. In a reflection on intimacy and our relationship with the environment, Chappalley’s symbolic painting articulates and confronts the fragility of ourselves and of the world we inhabit.

Informality, 11 Market Place, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 2AA