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2021 Bath Culture Guide – What’s On?

Here’s the Culture Calling guide to what’s on currently on in Bath…

What’s Bath known for? It’s unique architecture? The ubiquitous and stately limestone buildings? The enormous, writhing Christmas Market? Rugby? Shopping? It’s culture sector? Bingo! Here’s the Culture Calling guide to what’s on currently on in Bath…


1. Bridgerton Tour of Bath @ across Bath – link here

One of the many stunning spots in the Bridgerton tour. Link here.

A great way to observe the culture of a city is by walking it’s streets and that is certainly what is in mind with this professionally guided tour of TV hit Bridgerton’s filming locations. The 2-hour long tour involves headphones that will play music from the show, helping you get swept back into the 19th century as you learn about the 2019 Netflix show that captured the UK public’s imagination.


Where? Details sent once booked.

Tickets now available.




2. Canaletto: Painting Venice @ Holburne Museum – link here

One of Canaletto’s masterpieces at the Holburne Museum. Link here.

From one timeless and aesthetically dominantly city to another, Canaletto: Painting Venice unveils one of the world’s most important private art collections. Leaving its home in Woburn Abbey for the first time in over 70 years, the artist’s collection consists of 23 paintings that depict areas of Venice from the 18th century.


Where? Holburne Museum, Bath, BA2 4DB, UK.

When? May 17th - September 5th 2021.




3 Freud, Minton, Ryan: Unholy Trinity @ Victoria Art Gallery – link here

Lucian Freud: Girl with Roses. Link here.

A new exhibition at Bath’s Victoria Art Gallery Freud, Minton, Ryan looks at the life and times of figurative artists and friends Adrian Ryan, John Minton and Lucian Freud. Set in the context of WW2, the exhibition explores the drifting bonds between the colleagues and the cruel impact of suicide. Accompanying the works is a film in collaboration with Falmouth Art Gallery which will delve deeper into the artist’s stories.


Where? Victoria Art Gallery, Bridge Street, Bath, BA2 4AT.

When? 10TH July to 19th September 2021.




4 Explorations into Colour by Susan Griffith-Jones @ 44AD – link here

Explorations into Colour. Link here.

Working with abstract forms, Susan Griffith-Jones’ Explorations in Colour is coming to 44AD in July 2021.Working with acrylics (on paper) and oils (on canvas), the strong use of colour is always at the forefront, conveying energy, emotion and memories.


When? Tuesday 13th July till Sunday 18th July 2021.

Where? 44AD, 4 Abbey St.  Bath.  BA1 1NN.




5 John Eaves: 50 Years @ Victoria Art Gallery – link here

John Eaves: 50 Years. Link here.

Focusing on the revered Bath resident and artist John Eaves: 50 Years looks at the colourful and enigmatic paintings of Bristol-born John Eaves. In his own words, Eaves ‘strives to make images of power and poetry inspired by the rhythms, structures and colours of nature’. A powerful works that is keenly inspired by a need to capture landscapes from a powerful multidisciplinary artist.


All pieces are for sale.

Where? Victoria Art Gallery, Bridge Street, Bath, BA2 4AT.

When? 10th July till 19th September 2021.




6 Boats and Other Things by Lucy Owen @ 44AD – link here

One of Lucy’s Owen’s pieces in the exhibition. Link here.

Showing at 44AD, Boats and Other Things incorporates works from local artist Lucy Owen. The paintings are atmospheric and abstract, composed from a variety of mediums not limited to pastel, acrylic and collage. Owen will also be hosting small wire framed papier-mâché sculptures at the exhibition. 


When? Tuesday 20th July - Sunday 25th July 2021.

Where? 44AD, 4 Abbey St.  Bath.  BA1 1NN.