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Where to Sing Christmas Carols in London 2019

Whether you want to give your lungs a workout or just sit back, relax and listen, we've found something for you

Whether you want to give your lungs a workout or just sit back, relax and listen, we've found something for you...

Christmas Carol Concert at Westminster Cathedral
If you like belting out trad Christmas choons and pretending you sound a lot better than you actually do thanks to a gorgeous backing by people who are actually singers, this is your ultimate chance, as you’ll be accompanied by the Westminster Cathedral Choir. You can keep the swanky vibes going at the after party (yes! An after party for a carol concert! What a time to be alive), where you can enjoy mulled wine, live music and more.
18 - 19 December 2019
Marie Curie Candlelit Carols at Southwark Cathedral
A candlelight setting, a classic cathedral, charity giving, at least one crying baby and/or grumpy old man (not guaranteed): everything you could ever want from a carol concert! The evening promises a perfect mix of classic singalong carols alongside beautiful performances by the renowned Quorum Chamber Choir.
5 December 2019

Carols at the Royal Albert Hall
Feel the magic of singing along to your favourite carols with 5,000 other voices at Royal Albert Hall. What with the famously good acoustics, you might even manage to hit the high notes in Silent Night - and you'll be rewarded with a raucous, confetti-laden finale. 

21 - 24 December 2019

Advent Season at St Paul's Cathedral
Something of a quintessential London experience, this event sees St Paul's very own Cathedral Choir lead a candlelit procession with words and music focusing on . The event is free and unticketed, so it's accessible to all - if you get there good and early.

30 November - 1 December

Christmas Carol Concert at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home
The Battersea Dogs and Cats Home carols are a wonderful way to combine a Yuletide tradition with the Christmas spirit of giving, with the cost of your ticket going towards looking after all the cute kitties and playful pups that the Home supports. You'll even see a guard of honour from some of the dogs. Unfortunately, singers will not be joined by a canine or feline chorus.

5 December & 13 December