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5 Spritely Springtime Activities in London

With the sun starting to peek out of the clouds, here are some events to put a spring in your step

With the sun starting to peek out of the clouds, and Seasonal Affective Disorder beginning to dissipate, here are some spritely activities to put a spring in your step.

International Happiness Day: 20 March
In the words of Judy Garland: ‘Forget your troubles, come on, get happy!’ On 20 March you can do just that by enacting small acts of kindness like picking up litter, giving your seat to someone on the tube, or writing a letter of gratitude to a special person in your life. When you wake up in the morning, take time to notice and appreciate all the good things you normally take for granted, then pass that gratitude on to others. Above all, do something that brings you joy!
London Coffee Festival: 28 – 31 March
Get your caffeine fix all weekend long at the UK’s largest coffee and artisan food event. There are interactive Latte Art Live workshops where you can learn how to shape milk-based love hearts, swans, roses and even pirate ships! There is also the Cimbali Sensory Series where you can participate in a four part, multi-sensory experience of coffee drinking.

Mother’s Day at Twinings Tea Flagship Store: 31 March 
Who doesn’t love a nice cuppa? Make this Mother’s Day one to remember by inviting mum for a special day out to the oldest teashop in London, established in 1706. At Twinings Tea’s flagship store you can try rare loose leaf teas and premium blends from all over the world. If that wasn’t enough, you can sign up for a tea masterclass with one of their expert Tea Ambassadors. Masterclasses last two hours, during which you try six teas, discover more about the different types of tea, their origin, and the long history of tea culture in Britain.
Exotica Exhibition at Kew Gardens: 13 April onwards
The new Exotica exhibition at Kew Gardens features paintings of tropical water lilies, lotus, water hyacinth, passionflowers and more. Experience the delicate painting of the smallest water lily in the world, next to the sinister thorny giant water lily from Bali, alongside the famous cycad from South Africa, which coincidentally is the oldest plant in Kew’s Temperate House. After you visit the exhibition, you can explore the exquisite Kew grounds, seeking out the striking plants depicted in the paintings.
The Globe’s Shakespeare Walks: 20 – 21 April 
To celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday weekend, on 20 & 21 April the Globe’s company of actors (including Mark Rylance!) will take you on a walking tour of Shakespeare’s London haunts. These talented thespians will guide you through the alleyways and avenues that Shakespeare himself walked, serenading you with sonnets, speeches and scenes played out in the streets, parks and squares of London town. There's a choice of two walks: starting from Westminster Abbey or from the parish of Shoreditch where the original Theatre was built in 1576. Both walks finish at Shakespeare’s Globe. This walking tour has taken place annually for over 25 years, so get involved in some theatrical history!