A Chocolate Lovers Guide to Manchester

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We drink it, we eat it and if it was the norm, we would bathe in it. There is always a time for chocolate and imagining a world without it is quite horrifying. These days, chocolate is made in an abundance of flavours, shapes and sizes. Here’s a roundup of Manchester’s finest chocolate empires to put that sugar craving to bed.

Love chocolate? Thought so...

Cocoa Tree

492 Wilbraham Rd, Manchester M21 9AS

They know a trick or two when it comes to the art of chocolate, so it’s no surprise that at Cocoa Tree, over 100 hours are spent on each individual treat. That’s because crafting and taste are at the heart of what they do. Not to mention, all the chocolate at Cocoa Tree contains 100% natural ingredients and its gluten free. This chocolate haven also provides vegan and dairy free chocolate, so no one is missing out from this sweet dream (not even their divine Easter eggs). Visit their café for a coffee infused with Belgian chocolate. It’s a no brainer!

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197 Bury New Road, Manchester, M45 6GE

It’s no wonder Slattery have been an award-winning Chocolatier for 50 years. Not only do they create bespoke celebration cakes and chocolate, but inside their three-story building resides a marvelous shop brimming with luxury sweet treats, a bakery, a dining room and Slattery school of excellence to help you master the art of chocolate. If you’re after an exquisitely designed Easter egg (maybe one with a selfie on) or a giant Easter egg as a wedding cake, then this is the place for you. Slattery also play host to the ultimate chocolate challenge, including an American style chocolate fudge cake, a hot chocolate and two chocolate filled pots to name a few. Only 3% of contestants manage to complete it, so go on, what are you waiting for…

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Dormouse Chocolates

Unit 0, Deansgate Mews, Great Northern Warehouse, Manchester, M3 4EN

Nestled in the heart of Deansgate sits Dormouse Chocolates, who add that extra special something for any sweet tooth lover. Their ethos is exactly what it says on the tin, from bean to bar. It’s Manchester’s first bean-to-bar chocolatier, with founder Isobel Carse making each bar from scratch. The cocoa beans are sourced from countries such as Venezuela, Peru and Guatemala. They are ground down, refined, hand tempered, molded and packaged by hand, before being wrapped in craft paper here in Manchester. It doesn’t get better than joining the brands ‘Bean to Door Club’. That’s right, an online subscription service where you can receive a Dormouse chocolate bar every month, from batches consisting of a new origin or a unique flavour combination.

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Cocoa Cabana

168 Burton Road, West Didsbury, Manchester, M20 1JQ

Cocoa Cabana is the creation of Sarah Gallacher. The award-winning chocolatier is known for its original chocolate creations, using only the finest of locally sourced ingredients, particularly those that are free from additives, preservatives and artificial flavourings. At Cocoa Cabana, they specialise in hand-tempered truffles, chocolate shards and slabs, mixed with traditional and experimental flavours. Their gooey brownies have quite the reputation and rumour has it, their afternoon tea is certainly not one to miss. Chocolate lovers can have a taste of what’s to come by taking a look at their online shop.

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The Cadbury Shop

Lowry Outlet, The Quays, Salford M50 3AH

Chocolate enthusiasts, it’s time to feast your eyes on The Cadbury Shop. Located in The Lowry at Salford Quays (I know, what a place for a sugar rush), it stocks all things Cadbury ever invented. Not to alarm anyone but even bags of giant mismatched chocolate shapes are also available, nothing goes unheard of here. Just picture walls of Freddo Frogs and Creme Eggs to name a few. You get the idea.