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A Film Lover’s Guide to Podcasts

Half the fun of watching a film is getting to talk about it at length afterwards, analysing every detail and pulling it apart in an attempt to truly understand it. The growth of podcasts in recent years has only escalated this, providing us with a wealth of film lovers chatting about what they love and don’t love about cinema, ready to be downloaded and carried with us wherever we go.

The absolute top listen for any film lover, film critic Mark Kermode and presenter Simon Mayo not only discuss the week’s new releases and interview their stars but also let us into their friendship, sharing their jokes, lives, and gentle bickering with the listeners. Broadcast on five live every Friday afternoon, It’s a podcast with a very dedicated fan base, with plenty of in jokes floating around. Worry not however, it will only take you a couple of episodes to get what they’re on about and why they keep saying hello to Jason Isaacs.

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Smersh Pod
Dedicated to all things Bond, SMERSH pod is hosted by John Rain and each episode he is joined by a special guest to discuss a part of the Bond world in depth. The guests range from those who love the franchise to those who don’t care at all, but each episode sees them looking at one of the Bond offerings in detail. Because of the franchise’s sprawling levels of success and cinematic impact there’s so much to talk about – from the varying Bonds we’ve seen over the years to the other films those famous Bonds have been a part of.
How Did These Get Made?
American comedians Paul Scheer, June Diana Raphael and Jason Mantzoukas get together to question just that in this fun and silly podcast. Starting over a discussion about Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, there are now 185 episodes, as well as the mini episodes, all of which mock, tease and talk about the worst films to ever have graced the cinema screen.

You Must Remember This
Part of the reason we love Hollywood so much is the scandal that runs in its blood. You Must Remember This is a storytelling podcast that talks about just this, exploring the secret and forgotten parts of an early Hollywood. Hosted by Karina Longworth the show has a variety of guests on to discuss and theorize about the stories Longworth tells. Incredibly in depth and analytical about the impact of Hollywood on the larger world, it’s not only reminiscent of the heady days of film noir and Marilyn Monroe but educational, informative and brings the forgotten parts of Hollywood’s chequered history to the forefront. Look out for the Charles Manson mini-series in particular.

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Skip to the End
Hosts Mark, Ben and Gemma get together to discuss the new cinema releases, have mass debates, talk about rewatching old classics and chat about cinema in general. If you’re a fan of Empire then this is the podcast for you – listening to it feels like having a film magazine imported directly into your brain, expanding your knowledge and sharing opinions with you.

All of these podcasts are available on iTunes for download.