A Hangover Guide to Bournemouth

Sian Brett

We’ve all been there. Regretting the actions of the night before, wanting to pull back those drunken texts, and un-drink all those jaeger-bombs. Alas, the only solution is to move forward onto brighter and better things. Well maybe not too bright. Ouch.

Soak up all that booze in your belly with a trip to Norwegian Wood, a Beatles themed café that’s been around since the 1960s which with any luck will stick around for longer. Proper hearty fry ups on the cheap, as well as sandwiches, jacket potatoes, proper cups of tea, and Beatles memorabilia lining the walls. If you’re worried that the fab four’s psychedelic phase will turn your already weak stomach, try Boscanova in Boscombe for a slightly more chilled vibe as you get some caffeine down you in an attempt to make it through the day.

Image Credit: Cafe Boscanova via Facebook
The Sea
If you’re suffering with a hangover in Bournemouth you’re actually quite lucky. Hear us out.  There’s no better way to clear the cobwebs away than a walk along the sandy shores, filling your nostrils with that sea salt air. And seeing as you’re on Bournemouth Beach it would be rude not to stop in at Best Chip Shop in the World (in our opinion anyway) Harry Ramsden’s. We recommend doing the Fisherman’s Walk, which stretches from Southbourne to Boscombe, and encompasses the best bits of beach in all of Bournemouth. If you’re feeling brave you could even venture into the sea to shock the hangover out of you. Once you get to Boscombe you might as well enjoy the £3 million surf reef, strap on your wetsuit and totally rip those waves, dude. Or something. We don’t know, our head hurts.

Image Credit: Sian Brett
The Gardens
If even the sea air is too much for your hangover right now then head to Bournemouth Gardens to sit very quietly, contemplate an ice cream and stare the abyss of the blue sky. Bournemouth Gardens is also home to the tennis courts, if you’re the sort who likes to sweat out the alcohol, and if you’re lucky in the summer you might catch the bandstand in action. If you want somewhere outside but a bit quieter to nurse your sore head Boscombe Gardens tend to be less busy but boast a beautiful collection of flowers bursting from everywhere.

Image Credit: El Cuentico via Flickr
That hangover breakfast was approximately a million years ago, it’s time for your hangover lunch. Head to Winton for Conto Lounge, the local of the nationwide Lounge chain, full of everything from burgers to tapas. If you want to get your brain back into gear, then why not try Coffee and Dice. Aside from the largest selection of board games we’ve ever seen, Coffee and Dice doesn’t skimp on the café side of the deal, with cakes and snacks on hand for when the board gaming gets intense. If you feel like beside the seaside is where you need to be this hangover, check out WestBeach, right on the seafront and full of fresh, local seafood, to get some goodness in you.

Image Credit: Conto Lounge via Facebook
Hair of the Dog
Sometimes, the only way to get through a hangover is to drink through it. Let Cosy Club’s vintage 1930s sofas envelope you as you test the waters with an expertly shaken cocktail. Alternatively, head to 60 Million Postcards for a chilled out drink in their beer garden, or stop off at one of the many cafes and bars as you do your beach walk, to enjoy a restorative pint as you look at the sea.
Image Credit: Jose Pires via Flickr

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