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A Healthy eating guide to 2021 & Beyond

Your guide to healthy eating this year and beyound, bringing you the best from veg box subscriptions, cook books and recipes...

Healthy eating isn’t always easy. The mental and physical burden of 2020; coupled with the successful marketing strategies of takeaway restaurants have many of us reaching for the ordering app over the cutting board. Whilst there is indeed effort involved in cooking from scratch (and in sourcing quality ingredients) eating food this way is one way that we can take control of our health and vitality. 
To help you out, I’ve scanned across categories to find products, books and resources that are genuinely useful. These aren’t gimmicks; they are time tested tools that can help you become the autonomous and coveted cook you’ve always wanted to be. There are small and simple steps we can make to improve our health, happiness and wellbeing in the new year and decade so let’s get prepping! 
Ps – science has also shown that cooking for others has many powerful therapeutic benefits if you needed another reason!

1 A Subscription Veg Box – link to Riverford’s box here

‘Live Life on the Veg’The now familiar Riverford organic veg box. Image via

There is an irrefutable law in food: your dish can only be as good as the ingredients you use. With the UK still very much in the midst of the global pandemic it’s more difficult than ever to see, smell, taste and buy your ingredients. An alternative to farmers markets and supermarket isle is to sign up to a fruit and veg subscription box. There is much competition with companies such as RiverfordMindful ChefAbel & ColeOddbox and Farmdrop all vying to supply you fresh and vibrant produce.
Order a Riverford box here

2 Ottolenghi’s newest book ‘FLAVOUR’ – Buy at Waterstones here

Veggie heavy, tasty dishes by the always in tune Ottolenghi. Image via Jonathan Lovekin

Israeli-English Yotam Ottolenghi is one of the UK’s most prominent chefs; well known for his London restaurantsGuardian articles and recipes inspired by bold Mediterranean - Middle Eastern flavours. Ottolenghi’s most recent cookbook ‘Flavour’ is an education in how to create and innovate with vegetable based dishes; such as Romano Pepper Schnitzels and Spicy Mushroom Lasagne. This is low effort yet impressive cooking, elevating simple, affordable and healthy ingredients. An absolute asset for the home cook.
Purchase Flavour here.

3 Lakeland Digital Slow Cooker – link here

A slow cooker is one of the best investments you can make. Lakeland (above) make a great one.

Slow cookers really are magical things. They reduce piles of vegetables (and meat if inclined) into delicious meals; ready when you get home and servable at the perfect temperature. Far from the pointless, clunky and space claiming cooking gadgets that most kitchens house, you will likely find this in weekly if not daily use. Slow cooker meals are easy, convenient, cost effective, healthy and most of all – tasty. Find recipes on the BBC here.

Purchase a family size slow cooker here

4 Recipe Journal –  link here for Moleskine

A new home for your family’s best recipes? Image via Moleskine/AMARA

New recipes are the spice of a home cook’s life. Cooking something different and experimenting with processes, ingredients and tools can yield varying versions of the same dish – and if you come across something good – why not write it down? Whilst any notebook will suffice, check our Moleskine’s beautiful new Recipe Journal Book which has handy features such as themed sections, handy cooking information and space for sketches. 

5 The City Grower by Matt Franks – link here

An excellent book to get more food from the space you have. Image via

Last on the roundup is a book that has the potential to get you much closer with the food you eat… your own! Matt Franks’s City Grower is an incredible resource for those new to food growing and is especially useful for those with limited or difficult spaces (such as almost everyone living in major cities!). With seed companies selling 8 to 10 times more seeds than usual in 2020, home growing isn’t a hobby that is likely to fade so get involved!
Purchase here