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Get tuned into an eclectic mix of the science podcasts.

Ever get asked piercing questions by kids that you don’t know the answer for? Happens to us all. Why not mitigate this problem by getting clued up yourself… and also by exposing kids to the wonderful world of science podcasts? 
1. The Infinite Monkey Cage – Brian Cox – link here

A scientist and a comedian; Brian Cox and Robin Ince. Image via BBC.
Physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince’s Infinite Monkey Cage podcast is an extension of their popular radio show with serious yet silly topics such as the apocalypse, the physics and chemistry of cooking and a look at why we should be In Praise of Flies. Apparently, there would be no life without flies!Joined by experts on the topic at hand and comedians whom usefully ask the stupid questions and help us digest the more complex topics with humour. I will soon be tuning into their backlog to find out when is a strawberry really dead? 
Favourite episode: Neanderthals

2 Brains On! – Minnesota Public Radio – link here

On the left is Molly Bloom in action. Image via Brain On!
Podcasts are a great way to absorb a huge amount without being aware that you are learning. Any parent ears prick up? Well Host Molly Bloom’s award winning Brain On! Might be the perfect pick for you. Produced by Minnesota Public Radio, the show is created for and co-hosted by curious kids with topics such as (you guessed it) animal farts and the one truly important question; do dogs know that they are dogs? 
Favourite episode: Past, present and future: Using time to understand this pandemi‪c.

3 Ologies by Alie Ward – link here

Daytime Emmy Award-winning Ologies host Alie Ward. Image here
Alie Ward has many talents. Alie appears on Netflix series Brainchild and is the host of Did I Mention Invention? and Ologies; a weekly science show where guests are quizzed on their peculiar specialties. Ever wanted to learn about Carobology (similar to chocolate) and Space archaeology (flying space junk)? Knew it. Alie really will make everything more interesting. This is vibrant and engaging learning at its best.  
Favourite episode: Urban Rodentology with Bobby Corrigan

4. Startalk Radio with Neil DeGrasse Tyson– link here

Neil DeGrasse Tyson in the podcast studio. Image via Startalk.
American physicist heavyweight Neil DeGrasse Tyson is well known to anyone with an interest science. The Astrophysicist, Hayden Planetarium Director, TV host and prolific Tweeter has hosted Startalk since 2015. With new episodes released every Friday, expect to learn about the world (universe even!) around us. DeGrasse Tyson’s passion will affect you so be careful that you don’t order a glow in the dark galaxy for your bedroom ceiling… 
Favourite episode: The Science of Happiness with Laurie Santos

5. Tumble by Lindsay Patterson & Marshall – link 

Tumble is another excellent podcast aimed at kids. Image via Tumble.
Stepping back into the sphere of easy yet effective children education, Tumble applies a wide-angled lens on scientific discovery as episodes cleverly unpack the messy yet logical scientific method. Hosted by science radio producer Lindsay Patterson and school teacher Marshall Escamilla, the show entertains topics spanning Whale SharksThe Bacteria Cookbook and the Inside of An Atom.
Favourite episode: How to be a Fossil Fixer