The Best Alcohol-Free Fun in London for Dry January 2020

Billie Manning

Our sober suggestions for a good time in London, whether you feel like treating yourself, getting active or simply going out somewhere alcohol-free.

Visit a dry bar
Not every bar is filled with temptation, you know. The best example of this is probably Redemption Bar, with its two locations in Notting Hill and Shoreditch, which promise that once you walk through their doors, you won't be faced with making any choices that are bad for you or for the planet. Both locations have a selection of delicious vegan food to try, and all their drinks are alcohol-free. Opt for a delicious virgin mojito, or a vitamin-boosting smoothie. Plus, the wall outside their Shoreditch location, with its sweeping angel wings painted on, is just fabulous for an impromptu Insta-shoot.

Try out a new sport
Who said exercise has to be a slog? There are tons of fun and inspiring classes around London that will not only raise your heart-rate, but your self-confidence too. Plus, exercising is a lot easier when you're not sweating out a hangover. Check out our list of feel-good fitness classes - we dare you to try to stop smiling afterwards.

Have some good old-fashioned kiddy fun
If you fancy getting back to your kiddy days while you're staying sober, you're well provided for in London. Always wanted to recreate the daring and perilous challenges you witnessed on TV as a kid? Crystal Maze in the West End opened earlier this year, so it's perfect timing to get in some alcohol-free fun, or go wild with Go Ape's particular brand of hair-raising, tree-climbing fun. Go Ape have locations in the heart of Battersea Park, up at Ally Pally and even out in Cockfosters. If nothing else, the fear of falling will certainly make you forget about even thinking about drinking. Go Ape also do special events like night climbs every now and again, so that's your evenings sorted, too.

Don't get bored, get board
To prove that you can even still go to the pub and have fun without drinking, we rounded up some of our favourite places for providing dice-rolling, decision-making, piece-moving entertainment of the highest order. Some are more serious, with hundreds of titles to choose from, while others are simply cosy spots with a decent selection and space to play.

Treat yourself to some desserts
Being so good and angelic by not drinking means it's only right for you to be awfully bad and devilish and get out there and find an exceedingly enticing dessert. To that noble end, we encourage you to check out our list of London's most extraordinarily extravagant desserts. All of the desserts listed are next-level extra - as well as tasty enough even to tempt you out-of-borough.

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