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An Interview with SuperGlu

Image credit: Mila Austin

We talk to pop-punk quartet SuperGlu about their new single, career highlights and the weird story behind the name of their latest EP Figs.

Creating infectious pop-punk melodies that are guaranteed to stick in your mind, it’s no surprise that the Essex four-piece SuperGlu are catching on. They were played on Radio 1 before they had even played their first gig, and have two headline performances on the BBC Introducing stage at Reading under their belt. We catch up with the band’s bassist, Krista Siân Lynch, as they gear up for their show at Camden Lock Tavern this Wednesday and the release of their new single Dreams later this month.

London Calling: SuperGlu are about to celebrate their 2nd birthday, what has been the highlight for the band over the past two years?  

Krista Lynch: We played at the Norwich Arts Centre early last year supporting a band called Menace Beach, I think that was the best gig so far. We’d never really played live with a big band on a big stage, it all felt very professional! It was a packed out gig and I think we won them over and gained a few fans. That was definitely one of the highlights of our career so far.

LC: What is the significance of the name SuperGlu?

KL: For the first 5 gigs we played under a different name, for each gig we changed our name because we couldn’t decide, one of the names was Big Tobacco and the other was Ben Club! It became a joke that we just couldn’t choose, so eventually we had to choose one and it had to literally stick.

LC: How would you describe your sound?

KL: I’d say Bubblegum pop. You don’t ever want to take yourself too seriously so we’re definitely pop.

LC: You’re going to be releasing your new single Dreams later this month from your second EP – how will this EP differ from your first?

KL: I think it’s a lot more mature in the sense that we’ve grown together as a band and each of us had more input creatively. When I first started I couldn’t play my instrument, and now I’ve had a big part in the songwriting process and on the bass lines. Whereas at the start of the band it was a lot more Ben, it’s more fluid now. It’s an EP that’s more mature, but not in an old fogy sense, more in a positive way!  

LC: This weekend you’re going to be performing in your hometown for your birthday party – would you say you prefer performing in smaller intimate venues or larger ones?

KL: I actually really enjoy both in different ways. I like the atmosphere of a bigger gig that you can lose yourself in, everyone working together to have a fun time, dancing with the person next to them even if they don’t know them. With intimate gigs you can see the expressions on people’s faces and see that they’re enjoying it, so it’s a different sort of gratification.

LC: Who would be your dream act to play with, dead or alive?

KL: I think we’re all different in the band, but I’d say Jeff Buckley. I’ve been obsessed with him since I was a teenager. We all have quite different music tastes in the band, but mine would be Jeff Buckley or The Doors, they’re my favourite two bands.

LC: You are very much a guitar band, is it important for you to keep guitar music alive at a time when computer music is becoming more popular?  

KL: Yeah I think so. I guess music is changing so rapidly. Making music is more accessible to a wider range of people, computer music and grime for instance, when they would have been restricted in the past. But at the same time there’s so much history with guitar music like the punk scene. It’s a huge part of British culture, when you think of guitar bands you think of growing up.

LC: For newcomers to your music, if you had to pick one track that shows people who you are as a band, which one would it be?

KL: I’d say a track on our last EP called Weekend, it really sums us up. It was written after one of the first gigs we played. It’s about having fun and losing yourself, then regaining yourself on Monday morning. Whenever we start to play that it makes me tingle and feel funny inside!

LC: What do the next few months look like for SuperGlu?

KL: We’ve got loads going on, Dreams is coming out in November and at the start of next year we’re releasing our new EP Figs. We called it that because of a weird story, figs have wasps inside and we were obsessed by the idea of it! In March we’re also playing South by Southwest in Austin Texas, which is going to be amazing, I’m really looking forward to it.

SuperGlu’s new single Dreams is released November 25th on Antigen Records. Catch them at Camden Lock Tavern on Wednesday 9th November, more information here.