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Best of Bristol Theatre - September 2019

Charlie Kenber

With the summer holidays coming to an end and theatres once again ramping up their programming after the lull, there’s plenty to catch across the city. Check out our list of highlights ranging from small to large scale to keep your ear to the ground on the latest shows…

Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of)

Opening at our beloved Bristol Old Vic this weekend is this epic adaptation of Austen’s famous novel, which is sure to challenge and delight in equal measure. With an all-female cast and an infusion of pop music, this production from Blood of the Young is set to boldly reimagine the tale in the spirit of the original. Starting here before embarking on a UK tour, make sure you’re the among the first to catch what’s sure to be a delightfully irreverent homage to one of our favourite tales.

"Confidently unassuming and hilarious, this fresh eyed and remodelled take on Pride & Prejudice is just what I was hoping for at a rainy mid week showing. The 6 strong all female cast morph themselves into the various characters - Bennett, Jane, Darcy, injecting them with huge charisma and charm. This rendition is only a slight pastiche to the Kiera Knightly format with its modern references on all things - Brexit, motherhood, relationships and the perils of improper (or sometimes imperceivable) expressions of love. Definitely worth your time" - Review by Culture Calling writer George Maguire

Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of) runs at the Bristol Old Vic from 7 - 28 September. Tickets from £7.50 available here.

The Barber of Seville

For a bit of Opera in an intimate setting, head over to the Tobacco Factory from mid-September for this new production of Beaumarchais’ prequel to The Marriage of Figaro. With a ten-piece orchestra and an English translation this is opera without the pomposity. The Tobacco Factory is one of our favourite venues for how close you get to be to the action, so check out this romantic comedy with its joyful treatment of youth and love.

The Barber of Seville runs at Tobacco Factory Theatres from 18 September - 5 October. Tickets from £12 available here.

Closer Each Day

For something quite different, why not try this improvised soap opera running once a fortnight over at the Wardrobe Theatre. With the entire performance made up on the spot, each show brings an exciting element of unpredictable risk: inventive, entertaining and often hilarious, stop by on a Monday night to see what might take place…

Closer Each Day: The Improvised Soap Opera runs once a fortnight at the Wardrobe Theatre from 16 September - 25 November. Tickets from £7 available here.


Bristol’s home for circus and physical theatre has an ever-eclectic programme of shows passing through its doors. This month NUA Dance visit with this show inspired by Cervantes’ Don Quixote. Featuring acrobatics and aerial work alongside contemporary dance, this body-bending performance is sure to stun and tickle in equal measure.

Quimera is on at Circomedia on Friday 20 September. Tickets from £11 available here.

Wild Swimming

Fresh from the salty waters of the Edinburgh Fringe, this Bristol-born company’s latest romp takes us through 400 years of cultural history, interrogating gender and privilege along the way. Originally developed via Ferment Fortnight back in January, it’s a great opportunity to catch some locally-made work in the heart of the city. Bold, bright, and a whole lot of fun.

Wild Swimming is on at the Bristol Old Vic from 10 - 21 September. Tickets from £13 available here.

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