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Best of Bristol’s Lifestyle Courses

George Maguire

The best thing about the wide and enchanting world of lifestyle type courses is that they are useful in day to day life. Speak another language? You can now communicate in another country! Know more about how plants grow & interact in nature? You will have a nicer garden and a smaller footprint. Practice yoga, or meditation? You will find a sense of peace that will overflow into your professional and private life. As quoted by the late and great Einstein, ‘once you stop learning, you start dying’. Life is for living… and learning. Let’s do both!


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Bristol Folk House – Beginner Language Courses

With the onset of Brexit, now seems like a great time to help reconcile our cultural differences around the world, and in particular Europe. The Bristol Folk House hosts courses that will guide you through a variety of languages; French, German, Italian & Spanish. Hidden just off Park Street in Bristol’s student heavy district, Folk House’s motto is ‘Learning for pleasure since 1920’ which will no doubt explain why the courses keep coming. If its not fun, you won’t do it! 
No prior experience needed. 

Beginner 12 week courses. Full price: £86.25 | Over 65s: £78.00 

Trika Yoga - Yoga Courses of all types

Bursting into the mainstream of sports and physical hobbies, yoga is one of best ways to decompress and connect with our bodies. Alongside meditation, science is now confirming the benefits of yoga in terms of decreasing stress, reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure and even improving sleep quality. With a blend of drop ins and longer courses, The North Street based indie yoga studio Trika Yoga caters for pregnant mothers, children and everyone in the middle – so there is definitely something for everyone. Check out the excellent Mon Pote afterwards if in need of some special homeware.

One drop in Class Pass is £13

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University of Bristol Botanic Garden – Lecture: Food for insect pollinators in towns and cities – by Nick Tew

If you happen upon a sunny day, head over the Bristol Botanic Garden for some green therapy. When it comes to plants – we all have questions… Want to know what plants dinosaurs ate (the herbivorous ones, obviously)? See a Giant Amazon Waterlily? Understand the stages in plant evolution? Visit the garden and find out. With a regular schedule of talks and courses, including Nick Tews eye-opening talk on the fascinating role of insect pollinators in urban spaces. Learn why we should plant more flowers & green spaces for a healthier inner-city ecosystem and more of the right type of insects. We all need to eat – even bees! 

Thursday 20 February 2020 at 7:30 pm to 9:00pm. Suggested £5 donation.

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Clifton Wine School – 4 Week Course

Does this one need a description? It’s seems obvious to me that the more you know about something, the more you can enjoy the intricacies of it. Get involved in the deep and global world of wine in this 4-week course, learning how to distinguish different regions and the key flavour notes to point our senses to. A great one to meet fellow wine enthusiasts. 

4 Week courses for £100

UWE - Creating Sustainable Behaviour Change Course

As the general public switch on to the implications of plastics, carbon emissions and natures pollution, it’s definitely a good idea to get clued up on the role of human behaviour in how we got to the situation we are now in. This UWE professional short course teaches students a variety of tools, theoretical approaches, strategies and case studies for coaxing our individuals and businesses alike into more sustainable, responsible and holistic thinking. Expect interactive workshops (bring your questions!), presentations and focused independent study. 

The course contains 5 x one-day sessions over 5 successive Fridays. £625 for the full course.

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