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Cinema: What’s on This March

London Calling

The Oscars are over and we can all go back to our normal cinema routine. Usually there is a lull in screen delights after Awards season, but not this year. March is full of great films, ranging from big budget dramas to indie hits. There is also a whole host of one-off screenings to keep in the diary. Here is our run-down of all you should see this month.

Another month, another superhero film (or two). This time it’s Logan, out 1 March. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine has aged and seems in mourning. Can Professor X get him back in fighting shape one last time? We’ll find out. Opening on 24 March is the reboot of the Power Rangers franchise – a blast of nostalgia for any fan of 90s Saturday morning TV. Bryan Cranston stars as Zordon alongside a cast of relative film newcomers – expect plenty of ‘morphin’. Other action romps out soon include Kong: Skull Island and Ryan Reynolds-Jake Gyllenhaal space thriller Life.
Lovers of a bit of romance won’t be disappointed by March either. The long awaited Beauty and The Beast hits screens on 17 March. If Bill Condon’s adaptation can live up to the standard set by Disney’s live action reboots of Cinderella and Jungle Book we’re in for a treat. There’s also the British drama Viceroy’s House, a cinematic retelling of the events surrounding Indian independence. The trailer suggests we are in for a bit of Downton; Hugh Bonneville stars as protagonist Lord Mountbatten, alongside Gillian Anderson. Whether this will prove to be the right tone to cover an incredibly contentious period of history remains to be seen.

Moving on to this month’s arthouse cinema and there’s a really exciting bunch of films on the horizon. For once, women seem to be taking centre stage as four interesting dramas with female protagonists roll onto our screens. On 3 March, Kelly Reichardt’s Certain Women goes on general release. The film follows three characters, played by Michelle Williams, Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern, as they puzzle out life in small-town America. Opening the following week is Elle, the surprise return of Total Recall and RoboCop director Paul Verhoeven. The mesmerising Isabelle Huppert stars as a rape victim who refuses to be made a victim in what, from early indications, may be one of the films of the year. Kristen Stewart is on screen once again in Oliver Assayas’ enigmatic Personal Shopper, and there is magic afoot in the psycho-sexual The Love Witch, a Dario Argento/70s erotica reimagining – be afraid, be very afraid.
From further afield, the much loved Asghar Farhadi returns with The Salesman. The Iranian blew onto the world cinema scene with the tantalisingly ambiguous A Separation. The Salesman takes similar themes of family turmoil in this adaptation of Arthur Miller’s classic. From Korea, Age of Shadows reunites director Jee-woon Kim with Byung-hun Lee and Kang-ho Song. The trio are best known for their revenge dramas. This latest offering, however, goes back in time to the 1920s and the Korean resistance’s fight against Japanese occupation. Finally, family anime release A Silent Voice arrives in cinemas on the 16 March. If you enjoyed last month’s Your Name, this could be a great follow-up.

Special Events
If you are looking for some special screenings to spice up your evenings, here are a few suggestions. Bristol Film Festival runs from 9 to 12 March. On the bill are classics such as Dr. Strangelove, Clockwork Orange and Master & Commander. There’s also a chance to see daily Short Film compilations and Bristol’s History on Film. For full listings, see the Bristol Film Festival website. Also in Bristol, The Cube is screening the untouchably perfect A Woman Under the Influence on 8 March. John Cassavetes film burns as brightly now as it did in 1974, and contains one of the all-time great film performances by Gena Rowlands, as mentally unstable Mabel Longhetti.
There’s also plenty of chances to leaf through Martin Scorsese’s back catalogue as the BFI’s honorary season takes to the road. Raging Bull screens at the Phoenix Picturehouse, Oxford, and Dukes @ Komedia, Brighton, on 12 March; Goodfellas shows across the country on 5 March, and King of Comedy gets an outing in Picturehouse cinemas on 19 March. Picturehouse is also reshowing the Bowie concert documentary, Ziggy Stardust and the Spider from Mars on 7 March for any who want one more look at the music icon in his prime. Last but not least, the month is seen off by the re-release of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s touching Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (31 March). Not much is known about its distribution yet, so keep your eyes peeled: it’s one of the German’s best works and a must-see.

That’s it for March. Come back in April and we’ll have a whole new slate of films for you to sample!

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