Empowering Exercise Classes in London To Try This January

Billie Manning

Who said exercise has to be a slog? This collection of fun and inspiring classes around London will not only raise your heart-rate, but your self-confidence too. We dare you to try to stop smiling after attending one of these feel-good fitness classes.

Disco Yoga
Yoga is already known for its calming, zen effects… but what if you added glitter? Disco Yoga’s motto is ‘never take life too seriously’ and their mission is to take you to Boogie Wonderland via their energising yoga sequences set to the funkiest disco playlist since the release of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack – after a session at their glitter station, of course. We’re sure you’ll take a shine to it.

Morning Gloryville
Honestly, we’re telling the truth: something that starts at 6:30 in the morning CAN be fun and empowering! Morning Gloryville is a rave like no other: they’ve made their name throwing joyous, sober, morning dance parties. As well as an energising bop, you can enjoy free massages, organic coffee and smoothie bars and even yoga, so you’ll be well-sorted for wholesome activities.

Seen on Screen
The acronym for Seen on Screen might be S.O.S, but you certainly won’t be calling for help after one of their mad-empowering dance classes. The classes focus on a different music video each time and are for all levels, whether you’re a dirty dancing pro or you’ve got two left feet. There’s a feminist, Beyoncé themed class coming up soon – get your dancing shoes on now.

Pole Dancing at Kelechnekoff Studio
At Kelechi Okafor’s pole dancing classes, you’ll get to know not only your way up, down, around (and sometimes upside-down) a pole, but you’ll get a masterclass in body confidence, too. There’s a class for every level, as well as an Afro Pole session (suitable for beginners and above), where you’ll work up a sweat with afrobeat pole flow choreography.

Running with GoodGym
Two surefire ways to boost your own confidence is to do some good for someone else, and to exercise. Why not combine the two by joining GoodGym’s feel-good fitness sessions? This smart organisation combines running with community projects and helping the elderly. You run to the location, help out, and then run back to whence you came. Genius!

Wall running with Upswing
What could possibly be more empowering than literally running along a freaking wall like a freaking superhero? Circus group Upswing can help you achieve all your Wonder Woman dreams with their wall running workshops. You’ll leave with the feeling you can do anything – just don’t try it at home. Classes often sell out in advance, so register your interest for classes early.

We’ve had a great weekend of Bungee Taster classes - such brilliant energy in every group! �� Thank you all for joining us- and we look forward to seeing some of you in our February 4hr Masterclasses! . If you’ve not booked yet, do it quick, just a few spaces left! Follow the link in our account bio for more info. . . . #bungeedance #bungeedanceclass aerialskills #aerialarts #aerialtraining #circustraining #skilldevelopment #bungee #floating #flying #gravity #cirque #aerialist #circuseverydamnday #circusinspiration #circuslife #circo #aerialistsofig #aerialnation #circusaroundtheworld #acrobatics #aerialarts #circusarts #acrobat #acro #circusartistcirque #aerialfitness #aerialdance #aerial #handstand

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