Dirty Dancing, 1987

Five Feel-Good Rom-Coms On Netflix

Billie Manning

A bit of romantic escapism is sure to brighten up any day of the week

Four Weddings
The one that started it all off: the blueprint for British romantic comedies as we know them today follows the friend group of a big bunch of English poshos as they move through various big life events. As its name suggests, Four Weddings brings plenty of opportunities for laughs and smiles, as well as scenes to make you absolutely bawl. Go on, let it all out – and imagine young Hugh deftly dabbing away your tears with his pristine coattails.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before
This dark horse surprised many with its big-hearted take on the teen rom-com. Lara Jean has penned letters to all five of the boys she's ever fallen in love with over the years – and gets into hot water when they are all mysteriously posted to the boys themselves. The film feels fresh and modern and is a whole bunch of fun.

Someone Great
Another Netflix original success sees Jane The Virgin's Gina Rodriguez take on the breakdown of a long-term relationship with her best friends by her side. It might actually be the opposite of a rom-com, but has all the same effects: lots of giggling, lots of aww-ing and a soppy smile on your face by the end.

Dirty Dancing
Nobody puts Baby in a corner! This classic Romeo & Juliet situation set at a holiday camp in the 60s will have you singing AND dancing along to its iconic scenes. Just beware of attempting that lift in your living room - it took Baby and Johnny a whole summer to master, after all.

Always Be My Maybe
2019's Always Be My Maybe follows the tale of two best friends from San Francisco who haven't seen each other since awkwardly losing their virginity to each other in the 90s. You'll be rooting for this charismatic pair from the beginning, but the highlight of the film is an incredible appearance by Keanu Reeves as himself, sure to have you in stitches.

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