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With home renovations surging during the Covid-19 lockdowns many of us have been looking at our homes in a different way. From the tiles in our shower to new planter beds (veg anyone?) perhaps the epicentre of our attention has been the kitchen. 
As huge fans of both independent artists and food art we decided to take a pick of the best kitchen art on Etsy – here’s what we chose…

1 ‘Essential Food Groups’ Print – link here

What’s your favourite? Ketchup for me. Link here.
Iconic & classic British sauces, beautifully illustrated. Featuring retro branding that has thrived in the test of time ‘Essential Food Groups’ is a print for sauce loyalists. Available in size A3 paper.
Link here

2 ‘Hot Bar Custom’ Print – link here

Always wanted to own a hot sauce bar? Well now you can! Link here
Favourite hot sauce? Cholula? Sriracha? Hot Pepper Sauce? Whichever floats your boat this Hot Bar Print is fully customisable – just input the details you want to change. This includes adding in personal jokes and changing the wording on signs. Comes in sizes A4 or A3. 
Link here

3 Italian Pasta Print – link here

Never be lost again when eating Italian – the only map you need. Via Etsy.
Let’s be honest – there are a lot of different pasta shapes out there and it can get a bit confusing. Yes - it’s just flour, water and a little salt, but the traditional pasta forms, functions and recipes of Italy have a long and important history. Get to know your trofie from your tortellini with this print. 
Link here

4 HattieHatt’s Feast Alfresco – link here

A feast in the company of friends, dogs and nature. Image here
Bristol artist Hattie Buckwell paints beautiful scenery with watercolour. Atmospheric and lively, this piece titled ‘Feast Alfresco’ pictures a tapas meal enjoyed outside. Available up to A1 size. 
Link here

5 Puerto Rican Kitchen – link here

Puerto Rican paradise. Image via Etsy.
Who doesn’t want to gaze into a colourful Puerto Rican kitchen scene while cooking? Key staples depicted in the artwork include Medalla beer, arroz con gandules on the cooker (a national dish based around rice) and the national flag of Puerto Rica. 
Link here

6 Pink Orange Botanical Print - link here

Beautiful colours. Image here
Last up is this delightfully simple abstract fruit illustration. Inspired by the colours and forms of nature each print is created and printed by graphic designer Lela Harris in her Lake District studio. From A5 to A2 sizes available. 
Link here
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