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Many did not predict how popular food TV would become. Now with the immense popularity of podcasts, foodie culture which involves a love, interest and appreciation in all things edible has made it big on podcasts. Spurred on further by the global lockdowns in 2021 and the consequential absence of physical restaurant culture; we now have a booming population of listeners hungry for everything food. 
Here is a selection of some of the best food podcasts publishing right now…

1 The Kitchen is on Fire with Sam Herlihy and James Ramsden (link here)

Podcasters Sam Herlihy (left) and James Ramsden (right). Image via Brummel Magazine.
Topping out currently at 262 episodes, The Kitchen is on Fire is where Sam Herlihy and James Ramsden explore weekly gastronomy topics with specials guests such as chef Tom Kerridge, writer Tom Coyne and the wonderful Petra Barran of Kerb (the street food markets in London). Casual yet intriguing, tune in to hear pioneering pre-guest intro discussions on anything from Fridge Foraging, the ability of fish to reverse and their takes on current films. 
Favourite listen – Masterchef’s Tim Anderson, owner of Nanban restaurant. link here

2 Lunch Therapy with Adam Roberts (link here)

A sample lunch; ready to analysed by Adam Roberts. Image via Instagram.
Lunch Therapy operates with a really stellar premise. That is; wouldn’t it be interesting to analyse lunches of people around the world and see what we can learn about the individual? Food blogger Adam Roberts playfully points out the significance of Doritos, burgers and heated up pizza with guests as asks just what does it all mean? Let’s find out…
Favourite listen: Mark Harris on Frosted Flakes and Blueberries

3 The Food Programme with Sheila Dillon – BBC (link here)

Current host of The Food Programme Sheila Dillon. Image via BBC.
With a noble mission of ‘investigating every aspect of the food we eat’ The Food Programme is where Sheila Dillon takes to the air in 30 minute intervals. With recent topics including Cookbooks of 2020, Raymond Blanc’s lost orchard and the rise of Brewdog the Dillon keeps things fresh (impressive considering the show first broadcast in 1979) taking a macro lensed perspective on the things we eat. 
Favourite Listen: The Secret Life of Chocolate (Part 1) – link here

4 Desert Island Dishes with Margie Nomura (link here)

Host of Desert Island Dishes Margie Nomura. Photo via Kitri.
Margie Nomura’s weekly Desert Island Dishes podcast is a place where she explores meals that have shaped her guests lives. Ranging from childhood dishes, habitual munches and special affairs; Nomura brings gravitas and experience to the conversation through her years as a professional and private chef. Sitting unaffiliated but on a parallel to BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs listening to the podcast will have you questioning not every song, but every meal you eat. 
Favourite listen: Marcus Wareing: Michelin Star Chef, Restauranter and Masterchef judge.

5 Out to Lunch with Jay Rayner (link here)

Jay Rayner, host of Out to Lunch. Image via iNews. Link here.
One of the biggest heavyweight names in food is the charismatic and larger than life personality food critic, Guardian writer and Jazz musician Jay RaynerOut to Lunch is Rayners podcast platform where he hosts guests (while they are eating nonetheless) such as Dolly Alderton, and discusses the constituting elements of a proper English Pie with Grayson Perry.
Out to Lunch with Tim Minchin – link here

6 Table Manners with Jessie Ware & Lennie Ware (link here)

Jessie Ware and Lennie Ware. Image via
Last on the foodie roundup is Table Manners. Tackling topics from family to food from Jessie’s dinner table, the duo host guests from all aspects of British culture such as Robbie Williams and Michael Mcintyre. Oversharing is ‘guaranteed’ so if you’re in need of some solid food gossip get listening. 
Favourite listen: John Legend


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