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Funky Voices Choir - A choir unlike any other

The award-winning Funky Voices Choir return with more ways to get involved than ever before.

The Funky Voices Choir is back! A modern and uplifting choir for which no audition is necessary. If you are interested in joining this modern community choir you can find out about membership options here. Members describe singing with this choir as 'energising' and 'good for your soul'.

The team at Funky Voices are proud to offer their members unparalleled experiences including taking part in album recording, travelling and taking part in live performances. Although they stress that it is each member’s choice to to take as little or as much out of their experience as they would like to.

Founded in 2003 by Sandra Colston, a Certified Choral/Musical Director with over 20 years of dedicated teaching experience in various choir, vocal and music settings, Funky Voices Choir aim to promote that music can be experienced and enjoyed by everyone, regardless of background. They aim to and are successful in building confidence in their members and in bringing a multitude of voices together to experience united performances.

As well as physical events, you can join Musical Director Sandra Colston in Funky Voices Choir's very own bespoke online music studio where she hosts a keyboard and piano club. Sessions are conducted in stress-free and relaxed virtual lessons. 

The Funky Voices Choir are also proud to reveal that the NHS Choir Colchester are performing live from Castle Park on 8th August 2021. Spaces are still available to book for NHS staff members and it is free of charge!

To find out more about this extraordinary choir click here.