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Get Ready: Game of Thrones is Coming!

Game of Thrones has taken the world by a storm, and in its eight years of running has amassed a broad international fan base. Critically acclaimed, controversial and cold-blooded, the show is known for killing off main characters in gruesome and vicious ways, however this is done with intricate storylines and accomplished character development. It’s no suprise that the final episode of the penultimate season saw a massive 16.5 million viewers on the night it aired. The long-awaited final season starts in just over a week (!!!), and this is how we think you should be preparing.

Image credit: Game of Thrones via Facebook 

Binge watch seasons 1-7
If you’ve managed to avoid Game of Thrones this long, then it is not too late to jump on the wagon. GoT is one of those shows that people avoid because of its huge popularity but give into the mainstream after watching a couple of episodes. Catching up with seven seasons of a TV show can seem like a mammoth task, but at one-hour (ish) per episode, seven seasons and ten episodes in a season: that’s only 70 hours of television. It’s about time you caught a terrible cold, bunked off work and binge watched till you’ve caught up. Bearing in mind the huge viewing figures reported for season seven, season eight will no doubt be the hot topic on everyone’s lips for the six weeks that it’s running – you don’t want to be left out do you? 
Swot up on conspiracy theories
We’re not going to post any spoilers for those of you who don’t yet know what’s going on (see above) but GoT is famous for its complex and often far-fetched conspiracy theories (apparently Daenerys can time travel???) some of which turn out to be true. As the show reaches its climax, story lines are deeply intertwined, and the world’s intricate fictional history and prophesies mean that fans are in overdrive trying to work out what’s going to happen. If you’re ready to fall deep into the rabbit hole of subreddits then there are some seriously good ones to look into. 

Image credit: Game of Throne Tours via Facebook 

Go to Belfast 
If you’re super committed to living the GoT experience, then book a short trip to Belfast to become a true Stark of Winterfell. Filming for the show utilised 25 locations in Northern Ireland, and the moody, melancholy North of Westeros was created in the Irish woodlands, coast line and castles. Just 40-minutes from Belfast, Castle Ward is the real-life Winterfell, and the tour features dressing up, archery lessons and hearing ‘behind the scenes’ gossip from extras on the show. This can be combined with a cycle tour of the other more rural locations around the castle. Fancy a bit more? The Direwolf tour will also take you to the ruins of Inch Abbey, a monastery where Robb was crowned ‘The King in the North’, an obligatory trip to Castle Ward, and an introduction to the real-life Direwolves from season one. If you don’t fancy a short journey out of Belfast then check out this GoT Escape Room, or the long-awaited Game of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition.

Image credit: @GameOfThrones via Twitter 

Look #ForTheThrone
HBO have plonked six genuine Iron Thrones in various picturesque locations across the world, and one is yet to be found.  A quote from the show’s character Oberyn Martell appears atop their site: “It is a big and a beautiful world. Most of us live and die in the same corner where we were born and never get to see any of it. I don’t want to be most of us.” The six thrones have been placed in some truly big and beautiful corners of the planet, and this season eight marketing scheme has got people out and about to look for them. So far one has been found in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire, and the other four have been found in Spain, Canada, Iceland and Brazil. No one knows where throne no six is, but the question remains: how far would you go for the throne? 

Go to a quiz
Binge watched all seven seasons? Swotted up on your conspiracy theories? Can’t afford to travel across the world to sit on a big chair? Well we’ve got no doubt that a pub in your local area will be putting on a GoT quiz. A simple search on Facebook events will show you all the quizzes near you, so round up your nerdiest friends and get a round in. Pubs are offering a variety of great prizes and some even have screenings of the new episode straight after. 

Still not enough? Rave of Thrones
Immersive experience. Rave of Thrones. Hodor is DJing. Enough said.