Gingerline: Chambers_

Billie Manning

We review the new immersive dining experience that takes you on an interdimensional journey

Monsters..! Aliens..! DJs..? Get ready to meet a whole host of crazy characters at Chambers_, the new venture from immersive dining pioneers Gingerline. Set in a mystery location (along the orange East London line, of course), Chambers_ aims to take you on a journey of multidimensional travel and culinary delight. In a group of 16, you will traverse a series of mysterious locations, from a spooky lair to a verdant alien land, and devour a whopping six courses along the way.
The food, designed by Flavourology and Jenny McNeill, is good quality with a lot of inventive flavours and ingredients, though the ‘portable’ nature of some of it means that the production is often limited to what will be good cold. All dietary requirements are very well-catered for and as a vegetarian, I certainly didn’t feel like I was missing out. In fact, I think I had a couple of jealous meat eaters over my shoulder. But the real fun here is in the adventure you are whisked through alongside each course.
The design by Stripeland always surprises and delights - as long as you stay a good sport and suspend your disbelief - and you never know what new and intriguing world will be lurking behind each door, though some rooms suffer a little from the lack of breathing space. The adventure can also feel a little disjointed at times, but the minor, slightly thrilling subplot is a nice bow to tie the journey together with. The wonderfully fun ending tops it all – though you’ll find no spoilers here.*
This is definitely not one for the cynics, but an uproarious night out for those that can lean into some good old unabashed fun. You’ll enjoy this if you’re not shy about audience participation and being a bit silly – it’s perfect for groups and would make a fantastic birthday celebration. Culture Calling’s top tips? Buy just one drink to go along with your journey – portions are generous and you’ll be too full for anything more, wear trousers, and take lots of pictures at the end for a memento of your interdimensional adventure.
*apart from this one: there’s a SLIDE! Ok, that’s all you’re getting.

Gingerline: Chambers_ runs until September

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