Here’s How You Can Still See Some Of The BFI Flare Film Festival From Home

Billie Manning

Don't miss out on these amazing free short films

After the cancellation of the BFI Flare film festival, a long-standing and much-loved celebration of LGBTIQ+ film, BFI and the British Council have decided to share some of the spirit of the festival digitally, bringing the talent and sparkle of Flare to your living room. Five short films from the festival, The Five Films For Freedom, are available to watch for free on BFI Player until 29 March. In addition to these new titles, you can also access tons of other LGBTIQ+ film content from around the world on BFI Player – some free, some paid for via subscription or rental.

Here's a quick overview of the five new short films you can see until the end of this week:

When Pride Came To Town (2018), 18 mins
This documentary explores the clash between conservatism and sexual freedom in Norway, following Norwegian Bjørn-Tore as he returns to the rural village he grew up in for its very first Pride parade. Liberation comes from the most surprising of places.

After that Party (2019), 15 mins
This family drama follows son Leo, who is grappling with communicating with his father after seeing him kissing another man at a party.

Pxssy Palace (2019), 6 mins
Pxssy Palace is a well-loved London club night and collective for QTIPOC (queer trans intersex people of colour) – learn more about it in this documentary.

Something in the Closet (2019), 12 mins
A queer teenager battles with her sexuality in this slightly surreal but cheeky drama which takes the phrase 'in the closet' to new, more concrete levels.

134 (2019), 12 mins
This emotional Irish drama incorporates dance to tell its story of a couple in strife over their child's gender identity.

These films are available until Sunday 29 March.

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