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I often catch myself with my mind wandering, imagining and reminiscing about shows, meals or trips from the past. It can be easy to sink into a Groundhog Day type situation where we follow our usual routines dictated by habits and urgency – work, kids, shopping and the occasional walk around the block. Whilst it is undoubtedly harder to find novel and exciting situations during lockdown, I’ve found a range of activities – from free to very littlecost – that can bring a spark of inspiration into your home and keep everyone entertained.  
1.Make a cocktail from what you already have - via Make Me a Cocktail Website – link here
 Add in what you have to Make Me a Cocktail and find out what you can make! Photo via Unsplash.
We’ve all been there. It’s been a long day or week and we finally sit back to relax. We conjure up memories from holidays in days gone by or in the local bar around the corner and think – wouldn’t a cocktail be nice?The thing is that spirit shelves (or bars if your lucky) tend to be random affairs (unless your family all know you have a strong preference!) with bottles that seemingly don’t go together. But what if there are combinations sitting just outside of your imagination? Try Make me a Cocktail where you input what you have – it will then tell you what you can make! 

Maybe prep some ice first… 

Link here
2. Tune into Freeview for TV viewing – link here

Freeview’s roster of free watching. Image via Freeview
In the modern world of Netflix, NOWTV and Amazon Prime Video, it can be easy to forget that there is a huge amount of video entertainment out there that is free. Outside of the endless videos on literally any topic on YouTube we have Freeview which has a live schedule available here. Classic comedy Crocodile Dundee is on this Saturday! Full of nostalgia.
Watch here
3. Sow some seeds on your windowsill – link via BBC here
From seeds comes life. It’s up to you to decide what kind? Image via Unsplash
With Valentine’s Day coming up, many romantics are searching for flowers. Whilst it’s definitely too late to grow your own flowers (at least 95 days too late for most) you can certainly plant or sow flowers and other plants now – and it’s much affordable! February and March are the perfect time to get going with geraniums, Japanese anemones - alongside baby carrots and chillis. The list goes on… 
Tag us @culturecalling with your new plants and we might just reshare it…

4. Experience the very best of arts and Culture… on your phone with Google Arts & Culture – link here

Want to see if you look like a famous painting? Google.
Ever wanted to visit the MoMA in New York? Well now you can. Google’s excellent Culture & Arts app contains a wide variety of things to explore including VR gallery and temple visits, AI selfie art matches (guaranteed to give you a good laugh!), stories from NASA and the option to see what a Rothko or a Monet looks like in your Living Room (and to scale)!
Download the Google Arts & Culture app here

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