Interview: 60 seconds with Moist Collective’s Heather Glazzard

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Go See This contributor Mollie Balshaw learns about Moist Collective and their time at Sounds from the Other City from Moist Collective founder, Heather Glazzard.

Sounds from the Other City is a one-day festival that takes place in The City of Salford every year on the May Bank Holiday weekend. The festival is incredibly unique in its focus on sharing not only music acts, but also allowing for art collectives to promote themselves, spoken word and poetry performances to take place, interactive art and performance art to engage the crowds and any other creative forces to be involved. It is incredibly special for Salford, condensing everything that is powerful and trail blazing about it’s art and music scene into just one jam packed day. I spoke with Heather Glazzard, founder of Moist Collective which took part in the festival this year and we had a quick-fire 60 second interview about Sounds from the Other City, as well as Moist itself…

What is Moist Collective all about?

It’s about creating a safe space for women queer artists.

What was Moist Collective’s contribution to the festival this year?

We created a queer tent on the outskirts.

Did you have a specific message, ideology or art style/medium that you wanted to introduce people to at the festival? Or was it just for fun?

I think part of it was to have it out in the open, rub sexuality into people’s faces, put it into the mainstream.

What do you think of The City of Salford’s art & music scene?

A beautiful idea for Salford, all the energy that I’m always surrounded with came together and made a beautiful piece of art.

How important is Sounds from the Other City to The City of Salford’s art & music scene?

It’s important, it brings Salford out of the water in a sense, there’s so many talented people here so its great to see it as one.

What did you like the most about being involved in the festival this year?

I liked that people trusted me to create a queer space.

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