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Interview with DJ Mr Scruff

Laura Stevens

London Calling had a chinwag with the DJ extraordinaire Mr Scruff before he has his 19th residency at Koko. Currently on tour around the world, Manchester's finest will be heading South on May 16.

London Calling: What can London expect from your 19th residency at Koko?

Mr Scruff: Five hours of proper across the board musical magic, accompanied by an assortment of two dimensional potatoes. We always get a really lovely mixed crowd down too, so I have as much fun as everyone else.

LC: What is special about this venue?

MS: So much history! It is an awe inspiring venue with a wooden dancefloor (very important for feeling the bass), beautiful interior, massive mirrorball & a brilliant sound system. A real honour to play in.

LC: Who is inspiring you currently?

MS: Beat Spacek, Floating Points, Tom Noble, D'Angelo, Objekt, Matthew Halsall. Those and thousands of others..

LC: What was the latest track you listened to?

MS: The new Pearson Sound album.

LC: How does the London music scene compare to Manchester?

MS: There is a lot more going on in London, but Manchester always has a good solid music scene. Must be the rubbish weather up here that encourages people to stay indoors and make music.

LC: What one tune will definitely be on the playlist at Koko?

MS: I would say something from the new D'angelo album. Still can't get enough of it!

LC: Will there be any special guests at Koko?

MS:No, just little old me.

LC: Have you been back in the studio since Friendly Bacteria?

MS: A little bit, gearing up for a busy time in the studio this year though.

LC: How is the tour going? There’s been a lot of hype about you playing for the first time in Dubai – how did it go?

MS: Dubai is the last place you would think of if you want a proper musical experience, but we had a great crowd, from all corners of the world, and an amazing atmosphere, but that omnipresent VIP nonsense makes me feel a bit weird. There is no need for those little fancy ropes in venues!

LC: What has been your favourite place so far on the tour?

MS: I would have to say Perth in Western Australia. I always have an amazing time there, and the energy & enthusiasm is something else.

LC: Tell me more about your café, Teacup. How do you have your tea?

MS:Teacup has been open for about 7 years now. The staff are amazing, so I can just pop in for a brew these days & enjoy it as a customer. I have my tea strong (builder's style) in the morning & then weaker (interior designer's style) as the day goes on.

Mr Scruff plays at Koko on 16 May. For tickets go here.

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