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Interview with rock band, The Subways

Image © The Subways via Facebook

We caught up with home grown rock talent, The Subways

The Subways have now embarked on a huge, 42 date, European tour across 16 countries and London Calling caught up with band member, Charlotte Cooper, before their final date in London.

London Calling: How is playing in London different to other cities on your European tour?

Charlotte Cooper: There’s always something a bit special about playing in London for us, as that’s where we used to play a lot when we first started the band. We’re from Hertfordshire and Essex and so we used to finish school and then go into London to play shows – mostly underage, oops! It feels like a home coming gig for us when we play London.

LC: What’s the weirdest thing that has happened to you on tour?

CC: We’ve had a lot of awesome experience over the past 10 years, mostly good, some bad, and definitely some weird! Off the top of my head, a police escort to take us to headline Polish Woodstock at 3am to over 100,000 people was pretty awesome…but strange at the same time!

LC: What festivals you playing this summer?

CC: We’ll be playing a lot of festivals over Europe, but also some in the UK. Reading and Leeds would be amazing, so fingers crossed that happens.

LC: Latest album is called “The Subways” – any reason for the eponymous title?

CC: Billy produced this album in our rehearsal studio and it was just us, with no outside influence throughout the recording of the album. The only other person closely involved was our manager, Ben, who helped us release the album in two parts – a lot of hard work on his part. We also got a fan to design the artwork and so it felt like a real “Team Subways” effort and the eponymous title sums that up.

LC: You guys are still only in your twenties – what is on your bucket list to do before you’re 30?

CC: Haha we’ll I’ve only got a year left, so I’d better get on with it! We’ve still never played South America, and we seem to have a lot fans there on social media – it would be incredible to play there.

LC: Where does the inspiration for your songs come from?

CC: Lyrically Billy has changed direction quite a lot with lyrics over the years. Sometimes they are more personal and related relationships and things he’s experienced. Other times they are more observational of the world around us, particularly on Money and Celebrity.

LC: Has anyone ever got offended by being immortalised in your lyrics?

CC: I don’t think so as yet – phew!

LC: How do you cope with the grueling tour schedule?

CC: It never really seems grueling to me – I love being on tour! Getting out of the venue to see the places we’re in is really important – it’s too easy to just go from bus to venue, but I don’t think that’s healthy.

LC: How was the process of creating your new album?

CC: I really enjoyed having the space created by recording it ourselves. It gave me a lot more time to really think about each part and what I really wanted to play and sing.  For Billy it was obviously a lot of work and quite stressful, but at the same time I think he really enjoyed the process and we’re all so proud of what we created.

LC: What has been the response of the fans to the new album?

CC: So far the response has been amazing – its lovely to read such nice comments from fans on social media. We’ve been playing quite a few new songs live and people know all the words already, its really quite incredible!

The Subways play 2 April at Shepherds Bush Empire as their final gig on their European tour. Buy tickets here.