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Interview with rock band You Me At Six

Image © You Me At Six via Facebook

London Calling hears what British rock band You Me At Six have to say

London Calling caught up with British rock band, You Me At Six, before their upcoming tour with All Time Low and heard about their debuting at Number One, post gig wrestling matches and their new album, Cavalier Youth.

London Calling: What can fans expect from the upcoming UK tour in February?

You Me At Six: I think the fans can expect a big show - a bit more production as we have stepped the venues up to arenas and a few songs we haven't played in a while. We have been working on a set list for a couple weeks and we have finally nailed it.

LC: Are you excited to be playing with All Time Low? Are they a group you have wanted to tour with for a while? What can you expect from touring with them?

YMAS: We have been mates with All Time Low for years now, we have toured with them in the states but never the UK. So yes! We are excited it's going to be a lot of fun!

LC: Being from Surrey are you expecting a big home crowd at your final o2 gig?

YMAS: Haha, I hope so. Surrey represent. We will have all of our family and friends down to the show so that will be a hefty Surrey gang as it is.

LC: How will this tour be different to your recent US tour? What are the crowds like Stateside and here?

YMAS: The US tour we just came off was a bit more intimate, we were playing 1000 cap rooms and it was nice to take it down a peg or two, the size of the shows is the only real difference, you find people to still just be people no matter where you go in the world

LC: What are the craziest tour stories you guys have experienced?

YMAS: One time we were on tour and they had a wrestling match next door that Steve Austin and Kane were wrestling at, after the gig was finished we went to the wrestling match and they invited us into the ring! We stone colded Steve Austin and clotheslined Kane. It was rad.

LC: What has been your weirdest fan moment?

YMAS: I think that some fans can be weird in their own little ways but then again I remember meeting my favourite band when I was younger (New Found Glory) and I acted like a total weirdo and they probably thought I was mental. So I think everyone can act a bit weird but it's cool.

LC: How has the States influenced your music and how you are as a band?

YMAS: Well for one it is almost constantly hot and sunny in LA so you can hear that in Cavalier Youth. We also find it's good to get away from everyday things that can take your attention away from working on your album so we like to get out of our comfort zone

LC: What is the meaning behind the title Cavalier Youth?

YMAS: Cavalier youth means 'care free youth' which is what we all felt we have lived up until now really.

LC: 2014 was a fantastic year for You Me At Six – how did it feel to debut at number one?

YMAS: It was an amazing experience, we never thought in a million years that when we started this band we would get a number one album, we all came back to my house and we got smashed on Sunday, had the neighbours round complaining and everything.  

LC: How has this year of playing the main stage at Reading and Leeds, the success of your fourth album and spending time in the States changed you as a band?

YMAS: It was the fifth time playing reading festival and the third time is playing main stage but this was the highest billing we have ever had. It was the biggest gig we have ever played and was a lot of fun. It's basically our hometown festival that we would always go to back in the day.

LC: What are You Me At Six’s goals for 2015?

YMAS: To keep doing what we are doing, maybe to write a few tunes. We’re playing the Isle of Wight Festival - keeping busy busy busy!!!

You Me At Six are playing at London's O2 on Valentine's Day. You can buy tickets here.