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Interview with Australian band The Griswolds

Laura Stevens

Australian band The Griswolds released their debut album Be Impressive last year. Now they’re on tour across the UK. London Calling caught up with them, and talked about musical influences and mushy peas.

London Calling: Can you tell me more about Be Impressive?

The Griswolds: We wrote it in two halves, half in Australia in summer. Chris and Dan went on a meditation retreat with no Internet for 6-8 weeks. Then the second half was written in Times Square in New York City where we recorded the Album with Tony Hoffer. 


LC: What inspirations did you look too for Be Impressive?

TG: The first half is like the happy fun party stuff and the second half we got a lot more introspective, down tempos, more minor keys, and a lot more electronic elements.


LC: Where’s the band name from?

TG: The National Lampoons


LC: If you could bring a musician back from the dead to play with you guys, who would it be?

TG: Jimi Hendrix


LC: Where’s the best place you’ve played?

TG: Fire Fly Festival in Delaware.


LC: How do you cope with being on the road?

TG: Party hard, believe or not


LC: What has been the craziest reaction from a fan?

TG: Getting our lyrics tattooed onto their bodies after asking Dan to write them in his own hand.


LC: What is the best story from your tour?

TG: Dan and the Nick (from Walk the Moon) played gay chicken and both lost.


LC: What else will you do in London while you’re here?

TG: Gonna get some mushy peas innit.


LC: What’s your best memory of London?

TG: We met Jimmy Page in Westfield. He was looking at my food like he wanted to eat it and then he asked me for guitar tips.


LC: If your music was described as the love child of two artists or bands, who would they be? 

TG: MGMT and Tupac Shakur


To for information and to get tickets for their UK tour, see their website.

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