Jessie J: Sweet Talker

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"London is such a beautiful city, even though I think that sometimes I take it for granted..."

Did you catch Jessie J busking in Camden recently? Don’t worry, the ‘Price Tag’ star hasn’t fallen on hard times – she just wanted to showcase some of her new material, in a live session in Camden Stables. Alerting her Heartbeats just an hour beforehand, Jessie performed tracks from her new album, Sweet Talker – including her huge hit single ‘Bang Bang’ which features Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

Jessie is currently in the middle of a manic promotional tour for her new record; when London Calling spoke to her the day after her busking turn, she was driving down from Manchester, having recorded a performance for the BBC in Salford, and was on to her next TV show appearance in London. “Every time I come back to London, I see a new part of the city,” she tells London Calling on the phone from her car. “It might just be a matter of my driver taking a different route home, or me driving around or going out and discovering a bar, or a cinema that I didn’t know existed… there’s always something going on!”

Jessie J - Burnin' Up on MUZU.TV.

Jessie, who grew up in Essex and East London, recommends any visitor to the capital gets a “Tube map and a travelcard. That’s the best way to see London, you can see wherever you want, you can just go.” Frequent travel – Jessie is always on tour, in the studio, or doing promo for her new music – means that she doesn’t get to spend as much time in the city as she’d like.

“I love the weather, the atmosphere; it’s such a beautiful city, even though I think that sometimes I take it for granted, how amazing it is to live here,” she says. “There’s no place like London; this city is always going to be my home - whether I live in London forever is a different matter - but London is my home.”

Jessie has been spending time in the US, recording with the likes of 2 Chainz, Ariana, Nicki, De La Soul and Lindsay Sterling on tracks for Sweet Talker. The record has already got great reviews, and Jessie herself has said how she has really pushed herself with this album, undergoing training to take her already impressive vocals to the next level.

This popstar’s packed schedule means she’s often eating out in London’s finest restaurants – although as you’ll see on her Instagram, she loves nothing more than a home cooked meal. “I love Hakkasan, it’s really lovely. I don’t really go out that much because I like cooking, when I get the chance. I eat out all the time, so it’s not really that exciting for me anymore - I actually prefer going home and cooking a jacket potato!”

The new album Sweet Talker by Jessie J is out 13th October

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