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Time to entertain again in your own backyard. Image via Unsplash.

From March 29th, we will able to gather in groups of 6 or across two households in our own private gardens. Weather permitting, this is a somewhat liberating opportunity to get our friends over and catch up on what we’ve missed out on in the last year. We did some research and came up with some affordable ideas to inject some new energy into your humble garden space… 

1. Kate Gould’s Urban Garden Design book – link here 

Urban gardening expert Kate Gould’s book will help you build a plan. Via Kate Gould
A great place to start with your garden this Spring is to sit back, observe and take in some inspiration. One of these could be to quiz a gardener friend or to find a garden renovation book such as the excellent Urban Garden Design by Kate Gould. A detailed guidebook on how to transform your garden into a practical, relaxing and stunning space, Kate covers everything you need to know. Learn about the process of planning, suggested materials and plants, tips for awkward spaces and ways to improve how your garden flows with your interiors. 
Order your copy here


2. Bee Bomb by Bumbleblooms – link here 

Help protect the UK’s bee populations with a Bumbleblooms box. Image via Etsy.  
Once we’ve got some ideas about how to rejuvenate the space, why not consider the wildlife in your garden? The benefits of sowing a wildflower pack such as this one by Bumbleblooms on Etsy are many. You will increase biodiversity (30 native species included), add in important plant species for pollinators and have beautiful flowers to enjoy. Join the campaign to #savethebees and give your local ecosystem a boost.
Order from Etsy here
3. Concrete Fire by Beske – link here 

Beske produces a wick that lasts 10 years. Image via Etsy
It may seem obvious but how we light our outside spaces directly impact how we feel in them. Bright white lights can be harsh and will work against us in achieving a nice ambience. Ideally, we want natural lights that complement the space and help guests relax. The minimalistic Beske concrete fire is a great eco-friendly option, providing a lovely flame and in the process using up candles that have lost their wick. Pair with some nice fairy lights and you are good to go! 
Order via Etsy here

4. Herb a’ licious Kitchen Garden - link here

Grow your own selection of herbs, Image here
For those of us with little experience growing food, herbs are a great place to start – particularly in Spring. This herb garden kit by Herb a’ licious includes all you need to grow a versatile selection: mint, chives, parsley, thyme and basil. Perfect for getting kids involved with nature and also providing cooking ingredients for the kitchen. Save your mint for the last on the list…
Order your herb kit on Etsy here

5.  The Art of the Cocktail Book – link here
What a great cover right? Cover image via here.
The Art of the Cocktail is what happens when your mesh together the world’s best artists with the talent of a great mixologist team. With 50 unique cocktails inspired by artists including Cézanne’s Fruit Bowl, Dalí Wallbanger, Pablo Pisco Sour and Negroni Lisa discover the why behind each ingredient. Guaranteed to teach you something about the history of art – or if not – to give you directions on creating some delicious cocktails for your friends! You can’t lose. 
Order The Art of the Cocktail from Waterstones here

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