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London Film Fan Guide to March

The most exciting cinema events this month

Well done everyone, we’ve made it through the grey winter months and into March, which (hopefully) signals the start of spring. However, now that we’ve reach the end of Awards Season and the smorgasbord of fantastic new cinema that accompanied it, film enthusiasts amongst you might be wondering what’s out there this month to quell your cinematic cravings? Fear not! As usual our lovely capital has you covered with some fantastic events for cinephiles.

Secret Cinema: Blade Runner – The Final Cut
The masters of bringing the worlds within our favourite films to life, Secret Cinema are back with a bang with their newest adventure, Ridley Scott’s tech-noir masterpiece, Blade Runner – The Final Cut. As expected, details on what to expect are under wraps but after such immersive theatrical extravaganzas as Star Wars, 28 Days Later and last year’s Moulin Rouge, you can be sure that the attention to detail will be so spot-on that even the most experienced Blade Runners in attendance may find it hard to spot a Replicant.
Blade Runner – The Final Cut will be at a secret London location 21 March – 10 June.

Prince Charles Cinema Movie Marathons

The Little Mermaid (c) Disney
The wondrous film wizards over at The Prince Charles Cinema have another fantastic month of programming this March. As a child, did you ever wish you could stay up all night watching Disney movies? If so then The PCC is your cinematic fairy godmother thanks to their Disney Pyjama Party. That’s right, from The Little Mermaid to Toy Story, enjoy a 7-movie marathon throughout the night culminating in a mystery Disney offering. However, if you like the novelty of pulling a movie all-nighter but Disney isn’t your thing, then gorge yourself on the catalogue of the remarkable Wes Anderson. With 8 of his finest films back-to-back including Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Royal Tenenbaums, who needs sleep when Wes’ iconic visuals on the silver screen are better than any dream.
The Disney Pyjama Party is on 3-4 & 10-11 March. The Films of Wes Anderson is on 24-25 March.

Ingmar Bergman: A Definitive Film Season at The BFI

At the start of the year, the BFI began their season dedicated to influential filmmaker Ingmar Bergman to mark the centennial of his birth. In the third and final month of the season, ‘Portrait of the Artist as…’ focuses on Bergman’s various portrayals of creators in his work. From blind pianist Bengt in Night is My Future, to Max von Sydow’s travelling magician Albert Vogler in The Magician, this month of programming showcases Bergman’s critical appraisal of the role and struggles of artists in our world.
The BFI’s Ingmar Bergman Season runs throughout March.

Backyard Cinema – Mission to Mars

Backyard Cinema Mission to Mars
Having left the festive frozen depths of their snow kingdom behind, Backyard Cinema is blasting into March with their brand new themed series – Mission to Mars. With their usual flair for the theatrical, lift off into the cinematic galaxy with a host of U.F.O’s (Unbelievable Film Offerings) including Sci-Fi heavyweights Arrival and The Martian, the latest additions to the Star Wars universe, as well as family favourites Flight of The Navigator and Space Jam. Sadly there’s no zero gravity, but with their huge bean bags to sink into and a bar to rival the Mos Eisley Cantina, you really won’t mind.
Mission to Mars starts 21 March.

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat Film Quiz

You may count yourself as a bit of a film buff with all these screenings at your fingertips, but just how good is your movie trivia knowledge? If you can quote-along with the best of them and can pick out a film score in five seconds then the You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat Film Quiz is right up your street. With monthly nights in both Brixton and Hackney, the quiz is less bog standard questions, more audio-visual extravaganza. Now all you need is a team of fellow film fans and an awesome team name. 

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat Film Quiz is on 20 March Upstairs at the Ritzy and 21 March Hackney Attic