New Old Friends’ Crimes on Centre Court


New Old Friends have returned with a new online adventure. Crimes on Centre Court sees Penny & Perry Pink (no relation) on another hilarious and thrilling case for the P. Pink Detective Agency. An international cast of characters played by company founders Heather Westwell and Feargus Woods Dunlop ensure plenty of laughs and leads to explore as the case twists and turns its way to conclusion. The series will run for ten 15-20 minute free episodes released each weekday from Monday 31st May to Friday 11th June.

Penny is now established as the top detective, and Perry is happy to work undercover. This case has the P.P.D.A hired by the new Lord Knows to investigate his father’s death at Wombledon Tennis Club. The police, and everyone else, don’t think the death of a nonagenarian alcoholic with health issues is that suspicious, but young Lord Hugh thinks otherwise. Penny takes on the case and Perry is installed as a wild card at the prestigious Wombledon International Invitational Tournament.

Heather Westwell said, “We are so excited to be doing another comedy whodunnit this summer. We’re having a lot of fun recording it. This time, we’ve even got a silly barbershop quartet on board helping us tell the story, it was hilarious to do the recording, I hope the same is true of hearing it!"

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