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What a year 2020 was for politics! The events of last year have stirred up a great deal of conversation about how we organise and operate as societies. There are divisive opinions and many angles to any issue. I’ve put together a list of four podcasts that will give you some solid and reliable insight into global and UK affairs – some might even make you laugh...

1. Ed Milliband and Geoff Lloyd’s Reasons to be Cheerful Podcast – link here

Hosts Milliband and Lloyd. Photo via Cheerful Podcast.
Reasons to be Cheerful is hosted by former Labour Leader Ed Milliband and broadcaster Geoff Lloyd. The duo’s intention behind the podcast was to shine some positive light on podcast as they sit down (previously in Geoff’s loft) virtually with campaigners and innovators from around the world. With new episodes every Monday, the show now invites 70,000 listens weekly. You can stay up to date on their podcast Instagram.

2. The Bugle hosted by Andy Zaltsman – link here

The Bugle host Andy Zaltsman. Link via The Bugle Twitter here.
Host Andy Zaltzman’s breakdown of the global news is guaranteed to entertain. Joined by guest comedians such as John Oliver, Nish Kumar and Alice Fraser the The Bugle’s satirical theme will give you a chance to smile as we move from one week to the next making and intermingling serious comments with silly jokes. Supported solely by donations, don’t expect the show to tread lightly around any topics… 

3. The New York Times The Daily Podcast – link here

The Daily Host Michael Barbaro on Recode Media.
As you would expect from The New York Times, this podcast is full of energy (published daily, as the name suggests) and hovering on the pulse of the global political and cultural topics. Host of The Daily Michael Barbaro entertains debates on subjects such as US COVID rates, the filibuster rule (yes, I also had to look this up) and Anthony Fauci’s relationship with Donald Trump. Stay on top of the biggest stories of our times…

4. The BBC’s Newscast – link here

Newscast’s somewhat retro imagery. Image via Newscast
Formerly known as Electioncast – and then Brexitcast - the newly renamed Newscast is a BBC podcast where Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg, Chief Political Correspondent Adam Fleming, BBC journalists and special guests mingle to discuss UK and wider global happenings. Recent discussions have revolved around vaccine shortages, Burns Night and Lockdown 3.1. 


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