PRO COFFEE AT HOME – A Culture Calling Guide

George Maguire

Now nearly a year into COVID lockdowns, I think it is reasonable to say that a lot of us have drunk a fair amount of sub-par coffee. The days of a close and happy relationship with your local barista seem distant; the whir of a professional bean grinder, the hiss of frothing milk… It’s easy to miss such experiences.  
But we shouldn’t give up on quality. You may need to forget about full-size La Marzocco Italian café setup or the espresso art but there is plenty you can do if you want to brew high quality cups from the comfort of your home – no delivery needed.

1. Pact Coffee – Coffee Bean Plan – link here

A serious home hobbyist set up starts here. Image via Pact Coffee.
As any barista will tell you (and I was one for a while), great coffee starts at source; so that means you need to buy some high-quality beans. A great place to start is with Pact Coffee who are leaders in sourcing high quality beans from farmers at fair rates (55% more than Fairtrade actually). Go for the whole beans if you want to opt into the next step and deliver a fresher brew…

2. Laelr Digital Coffee Scale – link here

Scales give you the element of precision when it comes to coffee. Image via Amazon UK
 Whilst not 100% necessary for a great cup of coffee, having scales is one way to control two key variables in coffee brewing – those of quantity and weight. Most baristas recommend around 7 grams of coffee for a standard size cup so aim for this using a scale such as the Laelr Digital Coffee Scale which you can pick up on Amazon. You can now experiment with coffee recipes, which produce different results.  

3. Hario Hand Grinder – link here

Hario Hand Grinder. Image via Pact Coffee.
Once grinded, it is an unfortunate reality that coffee gradually loses its freshness over time. The solution to this is of course to do the grinding yourself which is actually very straightforward. A good option is the Hario Hand Grinder with adjustable grind size, ceramic burrs (for consistency and durability) and glass/ silicone housing clean black aesthetic.  

4. Aeropress Coffee Filter Press – link here

Image via Workshop Coffee.
Formed by an ex-engineer Alan Adler who knew he could create a superior coffee brewing product, Aeropress lead the way in terms of high-quality filter coffee at home – prepared simply. Used all over the world and favoured by professional baristas and hobbyists, the Aeropress is small, compact and really easy to clean. Compatible with almost any cup you could imagine (see pic above) look forward to plunging towards better coffee. 

5. The World Atlas of Coffee by James Hoffman – link here

The 2nd Edition of James Hoffman’s Coffee World Atlas. 
If you want to read one book that covers the breadth of coffee topics – from its origin and history all the way to modern preparation techniques then look no further than Coffee connoisseur, entrepreneur and YouTuber James Hoffman’s The World Atlas of Coffee. Dig into industry insider topics such as the impact of terroir, country-by-country coffee bean traits and what to look for when buying your beans in shops.
The ideal coffee table book…


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