Review: 1v1 Poppin’ Hungry Soles x Boom Bap and Breaks Dance Battle

4 July 2018 |

Go See This contributor Taome Hanson reviews the recent Hungry Soles dance battle at Terrace NQ

Taome Hanson shares her experience of the 1v1 Poppin’ Hungry Soles x Boom Bap and Breaks dance battle that was hosted at Terrace NQ on 26 May.

Watch video highlights of the dance battle.

This was the first dance battle I have ever attended and I believe it to be a brilliant introduction to the world of dance battles. You didn’t have to get involved or be a dancer to have a good time. I watched as an audience member and still had the best night. Just being in that environment I felt exhilarated by everyone’s energy bouncing off each other. I attended the event with a few friends who didn’t know much about dance, but they were open to new experiences and everyone came out feeling massively inspired. made you feel like being creative and productive and to aim to be the best person you can be.

As the event was starting out and everyone was getting psyched up, you could feel huge vibes of love, peace and unity – the host even acknowledged this at the beginning in his introductory speech. I expected there to be quite a competitive atmosphere, but it was completely the opposite. Everyone was judgement free and 100% supportive of each other and cheered on the other dancers. Rather than feeling like you are not good enough compared to everyone else, it made you feel like being creative and productive and to aim to be the best person you can be. It felt massively motivating and inspiring to be a part of.

The event was judged by Kerim Peerthy, aka Special K, a professional poppin’ dancer who has travelled around the world judging and attending dance battles, and who has also mentored many of the young dancers who attended that night. There were a wide variety of dance styles performed – no two dancers were the same. Some people were super confident, going in hard and giving it all they’ve got; whilst other dancers were relaxing into the music and taking it slow, making every little movement significant. Each and every style was impressive in its own way.

It was as if all different aspects came together to form a flow, which combined dance, music and attitude. It was also a great opportunity for networking, as the room was filled with creative, hard-working, passionate, like-minded people. Dancers, Steven Blake and Lifan Wang, made it to the final round, but Wang deservedly managed to take first place, winning a £50 cash prize. However, all dancers performed spectacularly and it was wonderful to see that everyone in the room still felt complete respect towards one another. It was a wonderful thing to be a part of.

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