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REVIEW: Escape From Planet Trash at the Pleasance

Billie Manning

“Which one of yiz did a SHIT?!” If you recognise this quote, you’ll probably like Escape From Planet Trash, a wacky show from queer collective Sink the Pink, a show which aims to be trashy on more than a literal level.

There is rather too much plot exposure to begin with, considering how surreal the show is – you’d think we could have just been plonked into its weird world and left to figure it out for ourselves. As it is, we’re given the set-up that Earth has been sent to die in a special solar system for dying planets, due to its being entirely covered by trash. Cue big spaceship crash, and the introduction of the Earth’s last two remaining inhabitants, drag star Ginger Johnson and her son. 
Johnson does well in the dame-ish role, with quippy asides landing more often than the rest of the script. David Cumming as her two-sandwiches-short-of-a-space-picnic son is the most captivating of the cast: delightfully expressive with the most mobile face I’ve seen in theatre, possibly ever. This buoys up the rest of the cast, who don’t perform as strongly – it should really be a given that performers will know their lines
The show warms up quite a bit in the second half, and it doesn’t feel like there needs to be a reason to introduce a sentient poo or a suspicious-looking portal which needs poppers to, ah, help it open up – it’s all just a bit of ridiculous fun. But the show never quite reaches the right level of trashy it aspires to.

Escape From Planet Trash is at the Pleasance until 22 December

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