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The Five Best Activity Bars in London

Billie Manning

Bowling at All-Star Lanes
All-Star Lanes have venues popping up all over the city, including their new one in White City, so you’re more than likely to have one near you if you’re struck by a sudden craving for some tip-top tenpin fun of an evening or a weekend. Travel back in time with their 1950s American diner kinda décor, and then get prepped with a beer pitcher, some hot snacks and start bowling!
Darts at Flight Club
Flight Club darts
Flight Club’s big idea is to get us being more sociable with one another, using one of the oldest games around. You’d think as Londoners we’d all be pooh-poohing this (talking to one another? Being nice? And sociable?) but Flight Club has proved itself as big a hit as its namesake film was in 1999. Don’t be misled, however, this is darts made for 2019, fast-paced, multiplayer and with a whole bunch of tech that’ll make your experience as easy and streamlined as poss. They’ll deliver drinks and food right to your pre-booked area, too.
Ping-pong at Bounce
bounce ping pong
Bounce have been around since 2012 and are well-known and well-loved for being the best place to chuck a few balls around once you’ve reached the age that the Kidzmania lady will politely ask you to step out of the ball pit, please, ma’am, because you’re scaring the children. Bounce aren’t just ping-pong purveyors, however. In all of their venues you’ll be able to get food and cocktails, too, as well as soak up the good vibes and good tunes. Check out our review of their new menu here.
Crazy golf at Swingers
Swingers crazy golf
The one that started the craze for crazy golf in London; the original and best. With not one but two nine-hole courses that’ll have you twisting and turning to try to get that hole-in-one, plus windmills, light-up trees and lighthouses, Swingers will keep you entertained. And with food stalls from street-food rulers like Pizza Pilgrims and Patty & Bun, you’re sure to stay full and happy while you knock your balls about.
Axe-throwing at Whistlepunks
whistlepunks axe throwing
Now, there’s no actual drinking at Whistlepunks, for fairly obvious reasons: you will not only be wielding a big heavy sharp thing, but attempting to chuck the big heavy sharp thing at a target. But you don’t need to be drinking to have fun here – get a team of mates together and get hitting those bulls eyes. If nothing else, it’s cheaper than therapy.

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