Top 5 Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms began online before being brought into real life in Japan in 2007. Ever since then Escape Rooms have grown in popularity all over the world. The concept? There’s a high tension storyline, you’re trapped in a room and you have an hour to get out. Using intuition, detective skills and team work its immersive theatre taken to another level.

Escape Game

At this escape room in Brighton there are three rooms to choose from: Murder at the Pier: Revenge, where there’s a killer coming after you, Return of the Mad Scientist, where you have to stop a mad scientist from taking over the world and Secret Agent: The Black Box, a James Bond style room that is so top secret there’s no information about it out there - you have to book your place to find out what it’s all about.

Image Credit: Escape Game via Twitter

Escape Game Brighton is located at 21 Regency Square, Brighton, BN21 2HE

Puzzlair Escape Rooms Bristol

As well as the six rooms to choose from across two ‘puzzlairs’ at this escape room in Bristol, there’s a brand new Prison Van Escape newly opening this year. All the rooms are for 2-5 players and have a wide range of classic themes including ghosts, spies, and mad scientists. It’s 50% searching, 50% puzzle solving, and if you get stuck then worry not - the Game Master will be on hand to offer hints if you’re struggling. Gather your gang and get preparing.

Image Credit: Puzzlair via Facebook

You can find out more and book tickets here.


Each mission’s record time is published on their website so that the more competitive of you have something to try and beat. There are also percentage success rates of each mission so that you and your team can choose the room that best suits you. From The Experiment to Area 51, there’s loads of stories to choose from - find the clues, solve them and use teamwork to get out in time.

Image Credit: Escape via Facebook

Escape is located across two sites in Edinburgh, more information on which can be found on their website.

Crystal Maze

Fans of the hit 90’s TV show (as well as the Channel 4 revival with Richard Ayoade) will love this old school version of an escape room. Make your way through the different zones, picking up crystals as you go in order to get more time in the final challenge. Complete with satin bomber jackets and crystals that you can take home with you, this team building game is the ultimate answer to escape room nostalgia.

Image Credit: Crystal Maze via Facebook

You can book for either the London or Manchester Crystal Maze experiences on their website.

Tick Tock Unlock

Featuring a mission using VR and immersive entertainment, these escape rooms are expertly written, with loads of detail in the back story to make the experience all the more exciting and realistic for its players. Each puzzle is completely unique, and the Tick Tock Unlock gang even run mobile events that can come to you for corporate events. From £7.50 a person it’s at the cheaper end of the escape room spectrum.

Image Credit: Tick Tock Unlock via Twitter

There are Tick Tock Unlock escape rooms in Leeds, Liverpool, Glasgow and Manchester. You can find more information and book tickets here.