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Top 5 Shows At The VAULT Festival 2018

What's on at VAULT this year

VAULT Festival is kicking off from 24 January and with over 300 shows to explore over the next 8 weeks, this kaleidoscopic extravaganza underneath Waterloo Station is London’s biggest platform for innovative, original and daring work. Performances reach across all genres - comedy, theatre, musical and film - and the line-up promises to tackle relevant modern day topics from Trump to Brexit, immigration, gender and diversity. With shows ranging from the weird to the wonderful, immersive to intimate, hilarious to heart-breaking, here are our top 5 picks:

The creators of last year’s sumptuous immersive experience The Great Gatsby invite you to dive straight into the wonderful world of Neverland, the magical home of Peter Pan full of pirates, mermaids, lost boys, music and rum. Lose yourself in a place of magical creatures, hidden absinth bars and adventures that will need your fearless participation to discover all the secrets and mysteries of Neverland. If you’re hooked, stay for one of the late show after parties on the 2 and 3 February to mingle with fairies and dance the night away with a live DJ and other glittering creatures.
Neverland runs from 24 January – 18 March and tickets are £26.50
Neverland: a new immersive musical

Great Again: The Musical
As the 45th president has proven to be comedy gold (whenever he is not threatening to end the world, that is), a Donald Trump Musical was only ever going to be a question of time. Great Again: The Musical follows two young conservatives who form a friendship over their joint support of Donald Trump, the exciting new candidate who promises to make all their American dreams come true. Fanaticism and catchy chorus numbers? Sounds very Book of Mormon.
Great Again: The Musical runs from 24 – 28 January and tickets are £14.50

Great Again: The Musical (c) Old SoleTheatre Instagram

Mahdi The Magician
As a child in Toronto, Mahdi Gilbert loved sleight of hand and card tricks and dreamed of becoming a professional magician. But Mahdi was born without hands and feet. Instead of letting this discourage him, Mahdi developed his own exceptional technique and is now recognized by his peers as one of the greatest magicians of our time. This is Mahdi’s London debut so prepare to be amazed by this extraordinary artist and his unique story.
Mahdi The Magician runs from 31 January – 04 February and tickets are £18.50

Mahdi the Magician (c) Vault press images

Police Cops in Space
Half the point of going to VAULT is to discover a show that is borderline crazy. And Police Cops in Space by award winning comedy trio The Pretend Men promises to be just that. With their absurdist slapstick antics, they parody every cliché of the Cop movie – and then fire the entire genre across the galaxy. This sci-fi adventure of Cyborgs, Aliens, evil robots and the best damn Police Cop in Space was a sell-out hit at Edinburgh Fringe last year and had audiences in stitches.
Police Cops in Space runs from 24 January – 04 February and tickets are £14.50

The Pretend Men in Police Cops in Space (c) Guy Sanders
The Final Countdown: I ♥ EU Silent Disco
VAULT Festival isn’t just about the shows on offer but just as much about food, drinks, dancing and celebrating together. This year’s traditional Vaults silent disco will be under the motto of all things European, marking the one-year-to-go date until Britain leaves the EU. Expect lots of Eurovision tunes and EuroPop to keep you dancing till the morning hours.
The Final Countdown: I ♥ EU Silent Disco is happening on 10 March from 22:30 – 3:00 and tickets are £11.50
With the sheer number and variety of entertainment on offer, everyone can find something to tickle their fancy. VAULT Festival invites you to explore, experience and surprise yourself.
VAULT 2018 runs 24 January – 18 March in Waterloo.