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Top five things to do in London: Ping Pong

Rachel Ridge

In a very unusual turn of events, ping pong fever has swept the Capital; London Calling wanted some of the action and I’m sure you do too.

Was it Olympic fever? Was it shots of Boris delighting in a spot of Wiff Waff? Or was it just time for a trend?  In an unlikely turn of events, Ping pong fever has swept the Capital. Watch out bowling! There's a new man in town, as venues across London open their arms to Ping Pong in what appears to be a healthy and happy marriage of light excercise and intoxication. So as we wait for slight glimmers of spring to surface, drag yourself out of hibernation and get ping ponging!

1. Worship Pong, Blueberry Bar

Situated conveniently between Shoreditch and the City, Blueberry Bar is a great place to place to push your ping pong prowess to the test. Tournaments, hosted every Tuesday, are welcome to both the beginner and the ping pong connoisseur. London's best coaches are on hand to help you finesse your strokes and tricks, adding a competitive edge to games that are likely to erupt in uber competitive, Forest Gump style play offs.  With cocktails, top DJ's and a tea bar there are countless reasons to make this your new home away from home. 

2. Bounce

Located in Holborn, Bounce is a Ping Pong haven for the, perhaps, more serious player. Bounce offers one of the best games night experiences in London, boasting 17 tables in total - ones that've been used in the Olympics and World Championships no less! Here you have the space and the quality to hone the art whilst taking sneaky breaks for British cocktails and top-quality wood fired pizza. With it's devotion to all things Ping Pong and it's custom designed butterfly tables, Bounce really does set itself apart from other ping pong venues. 

3. The Parlour

For the more relaxed ping ponger, The Parlour is open all day allowing you to watch the sun rise or set over a stunning view of Canary Wharf sky scrapers. Play a light game of ping pong and enjoy their choice of over 40 wines, innovative menu, signature punch. 

4. Pongathon, Rich Mix

Like the sound of a ping pong party? Wondering what that even entails?  Every first Tuesday of the month, Pongathon pushes the sport to new and innovative heights. A social playground is created through live visuals, DJ’s, creative themes, social tournament play, exhibition games and  ping pong robots lurking around every corner ready to match any humans skills. Dabbling in festival arenas as well as team building events, Pongathon isn't so much an event as games revolution not be missed! 


PING is a sensory feast of light installations, street art, eclectic wall papers, mirror reflections and resident DJs. However, it also boasts a relaxed restaurant through the week which inevitably descends into weekend revelry by Thursday. Word of advice? Prepare for mild injuries as you explore the precarious relationship of flowing cocktails and flying balls. Don't miss Tournament Tuesdays, hosted by Pauli Paul and kicking off at 8pm, which is free to join with a possibility of winning a £100 voucher! 

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