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Top Podcasts for Film Fans

Kate Plummer

Missing the cinema? Netflix judging you for watching 9 hours in a row? Social distancing doesn’t have to mean missing out on all the latest movie chat and news thanks to these top podcasts. 

If you’ve been hiding under a cinematic rock and haven’t discovered the irreverent and hilarious movie burns from the team at Cinema Sins then it’s definitely time to check them out. Hosted by Chris Atkinson, Jeremy Scott and Barrett Share, this podcast spin-off rips apart both the latest and greatest films, from plot holes, too much exposition and just generally accepting that even the most brilliant film has moments where it absolutely sucks. For anyone missing the post cinema trip debrief down the pub, this is the answer. 
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The Empire Film Podcast
Bringing a mix of fun film chat, interviews from the likes of Ed Norton, Elisabeth Moss and Taika Waititi, and reviews of the latest releases, this is a great podcast for any self-confessed film geek. The informal and irreverent style of The Empire team will have you laughing along as they go through everything from in-depth trailer breakdowns for the films we just can’t wait to see, to witty debates by the magazine’s staff writers on themes such as top Hitchcock films and Batman movies.
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Soundtracking with Edith Bowman
From soaring orchestral scores to impossibly cool song choices, Edith Bowman interviews directors, actors, producers, writers and composers on the music used in their films, key music moments across their careers and the personal musical influences that shape their lives. With clips from standout tracks, listen to the likes of Greta Gerwig, Guy Ritchie, Clint Mansell, Jordan Peele and Bradley Cooper chat about the importance and joy of a great soundtrack when it comes to filmmaking. 
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Awards Chatter
Love hearing about how your favourite Hollywood big-hitters got where they are? Columnist Scott Feinberg hosts The Hollywood Reporter’s star-studded podcast taking a deep dive into the careers, influences and trivia of everyone from Tom Hanks, Olivia Coleman, Florence Pugh and Lupita Nyong’o. Each episode packs in plenty of entertaining stories and movie trivia (great for all those Zoom pub quizzes popping up), and although the podcast is currently on hiatus, there are plenty of episodes to catch up on. 
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