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Visit the British Science Festival 2019

Image © British Science Festival via Facebook

Over 100 free events covering some of science’s hottest topics in Coventry and Warwickshire

Europe’s longest-established science festival is coming to Coventry and Warwickshire this year, bringing a jam-packed line up of over 100 free events including performances and exhibitions with a scientific twist! The festival will shine a spotlight on energy, transport, healthcare and digital innovation, celebrating the amazing research taking place at the University of Warwick and surrounding areas. Check out our round up of the must-see events at this year’s British Science Festival.

Image credit: British Science Festival via Facebook  

Whether the ever-advancing world of technology excites or enrages you, there’s definitely some impressive technology to see at the British Science Festival. Learn about the relationship between disability and robots, and how the robotics industry can be utilised to help those living with disabilities in Inclusive Robotics, or discover the fascinating world of driverless cars with the autonomous vehicles of Festival Carpool or in 5G: Advancing the Self-Driving Car
You probably don’t own a robot or robot car, but chances are you do own a laptop or smartphone device. Head to the talk Is Technology Ruining Your Life? to explore the psychological consequences of our constant ‘plugged in’ status. Or for something straight out of an episode of Black Mirror book into the Ghosts in the Machine talk, which explores what happens to your social media after you die and ponders whether people can go on living in the digital world. 

Image credit: @BritishSciFest via Twitter 
Sports and Fitness 
Combining a whole host of scientific endeavours,  head to the Late Night Fitness: Raising the Bar night at the Coventry Sports and Wellness Hub. Five hours of talks, activities and work out sessions make for a wonderfully sporty evening, and food and drinks are available on the veranda for those less inclined to physical education! Discover the mechanics of bodily movement (aka. Biomechanics) in Muscling Towards Sporting Medals or explore the physical effect of rhythm and movement on our bodies in Dance is the Best Medicine. Following this you can join dancer and psychologist Julia F Christensen in a Persian Get up and Dance session. 

Image credit: @BritishSciFest via Twitter​​​​​​​
Brain and Body 
Biology and psychology are two hotly discussed topics of this year’s science festival, and the line-up includes some fascinating features on what makes us tick. Explore the world of mental health in Hitting a Mental Health Milestone at 18, as Swaran Singh and Helena Tuomainen discuss a research project uncovering the impacts of mental health on young ones. In a similar thread, head to In Pursuit of the Happiness Equation to discover the age old question of what really makes us happy. 
Moving from the mind to the body and explore the most recent UK based Breast Cancer Breakthroughs or discover the evolution of our immune systems as we age in Living Longer for the Better? Skin Deep is the go-to talk for those interested in the body’s largest organ, and delve into history of DNA with The Genetics Revolution. And, if you’re wondering if getting rich quick is still on the cards then head down to Entrepreneurs: Born or Made? and find out if you quite literally have it in you. 

Image credit: @BritishSciFest via Twitter​​​​​​​
Gender and Identity 
If you have a budding young female scientist who feels out of place in the lab then a trip to Women, Science and Feminism might be just what the Dr ordered. The award-winning Sally Horrocks will present a talk based on her book An Oral History of British Science, presenting interviews with female British scientists over the years and plotting the discrimination they often faced. Another gripping history is discussed in A Journey from Inferior to Superior, which explores the historic abuse of data and theories that have perpetuated racism and sexism in past scientific studies. 
For a more scientific view of gender, head to The Gendered Brain: 50 Shades of Grey Matter? for a fascinating discussion on the pre-determined attributes that our gender affords us from birth. If you’ve always wanted to know whether space travel affects the female reproductive organs then check out Space Gynaecology, or visit the Geek Girl Gamers talk to find out why young girl gamers are more inclined to veer towards STEM studies in future education. 
This is just a small snapshot of the many events on offer throughout 10 – 13 September. All of these events are free, although some do require prior booking, and many more talks and events can be found here. Visit the website for more information.