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West End Musical Brunch Review: A Day with Liza and Lloyd-Webber

A Day with Liza and Lloyd-Webber

West End Musical Brunch is exactly what it sounds like: a brunch that immerses you in your favourite West End tunes, with live performances and bottomless drinks.

The venue changes with each event, but Bloomsbury Ballroom, where the November event was held, is a beautiful art deco building. Your environs are quickly forgotten, however, once you descend the staircase (greeted on the way by cardboard cutouts of Liza and Lloyd-Webber) thanks to the assailment of the senses that is entering a giant ballroom with showtunes blaring, West End themed props on the table and a dancer dressed as one of the feline friends from Cats patrolling the aisles pawing at guests in a manner that - I never quite work it out - is either friendly or hostile.

As promised, the bubbly is as free-flowing as Elphaba’s luscious locks with top-ups frequent enough that I decisively lose track of even a ballpark figure of how much I’ve drunk. There are yummy fruity cocktails being handed out willy-nilly, too – Sex On The Beach, of course.

As with anything ‘bottomless’, the prospect of endless cocktails brings out the temptation to down as many drinks as humanly possible – and a determination to get them similar to the determination that appears in commuters getting on to the Central line at 8:45am, so before long the room is transformed into a cornucopia of sozzled brides-to-be and birthday boys.

For our two-course brunch we receive a plate of mini pastries for the table, followed by burgers and chips. We also hit the tail-end of the servers’ food route, which means we are eventually tucking into our second course about an hour after we first jealously watch those on the other side of the room get theirs. Perhaps it wouldn’t have seemed so had it been vice versa, but as it stands the brunch fare doesn’t feel quite as inspiring as the performances.

The makers of West End Brunch certainly don’t skimp on the talent – the entertainers are all bona fide stars with oodles of talent and a surprising amount of energy considering they will have already spent all week doing a similar thing in the theatre. The winter line up is packed with performers from Wicked, Les Misérables, Hamilton and more. Lauren Samuels, of Over The Rainbow fame, was a standout performance at our instalment, with incredible vocals, and performances were punctuated by peppy dance routines. One of the performers will also double as your host - ours kept the energy in the room running high, and got everyone joining in with the songs pretty much straight away.

One piece of advice: make dinner plans to follow the event – one of my companions lost a tenner to two separate rounds of dodgy Chinatown noodles trying to see off the inevitable 7pm hangover.

West End Musical Brunch runs weekly at different locations in Zones 1 or 2. Find out more here.