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Where to Eat: Burgers in Manchester

Image © Almost Famous GN via Facebook
Spotlight On: Almost Famous
Unit 2, Great Northern, Peter Street, M3 4EJ
100-102 High Street, Northern Quarter, M4 1HP 

The burger – such a simple concept with SO much room to have fun with, and Almost Famous certainly know how to have fun. The graffiti plastered walls and glass tables filled with retro sweets certainly creates a unique dining experience, and the burgers and cocktails are equal parts fun and tasty. Granted, some of the burger recipes might make you wince (Frazzles or Pop Tarts on a burger anyone?) but they all taste amazing and come absolutely dripping in unique Almost Famous sauces such as their house famous sauce, redneck BBQ and smoky bacon ketchup to name a few. It's no suprise that each table is set with a full roll of kitchen roll for messy fingers and faces. If you’re here for the true AF experience then you need to go ham on the sides, and with Crack Wings (with bleu cheese sauce), Mac Balls and Chilli Cheese Tots on offer you’ll wanna make sure you turn up hungry. In a bold move for a 2019 restaurant, Almost Famous doesn’t offer anything vegan, but offers a couple of halloumi dishes for veggies. Might be best just to take your meat-eating friends to this one, however. 
With a motto like ‘arrive hungry and leave drunk’, it’s no doubt that the AF drinks menu got the fun memo. Each week features a different boozy milkshake, and on the permanent menu you have wild cocktail twists such as a Mango Mojito or a FIT A.F. Martini (which is rhubarb and pineapple flavoured), and their house cocktail is the beautiful Bitch Juice. Expect your drink to come with an obnoxious sparkler or a kitsch glow stick and get on board with all the fun by ordering a Jack & Smack shooter (Jack Daniels and sour candy). Almost Famous is the place to be midweek, with a £12 Burger, Fries and Booze offer on 12pm-5pm, and a Happy Hour on 3pm-7pm.  
As much as we love this burger place, we don’t agree with everything it stands for. Nutella Fries? Not for us thank you. 

Image credit: Home Sweet Home - Northern Quarter via Facebook 
Best of the rest:
Home Sweet Home
49-41 Edge St, Manchester, M4 1HW
Unit 4, Great Northern Sq, M3 4EN 

For pure American dining with overly generous portion sizes look no further than Home Sweet Home. Their super stacked burgers come to you on beautifully toasted brioche buns and are mouth wateringly amazing. Alongside the obligatory double cheeseburger, their Home Sweet Home Comforts burger is packed with fried chicken, curly fries and ‘awesome frickin chicken’ gravy. Amazing. 

Solita Bar and Grill
Turner Street, M4 1DW
School Lane, Didsbury, M20 6RD

This bar and grill truly has a lot going on, with a huge selection of dishes from their charcoal grill alongside some legendary Manchester burgers. The Manc-Hatten is an amazing mash up of flavours from New York and Greater Manchester, combining pastrami and Coney Island mustard with Lancashire cheese and black pudding! They also boast some original cocktails and state that their bartenders can make you classic cocktail you might want. 

20-26 Edge St, Manchester, M4 1HN
We’ve already raved about V-Rev being the best place in Manchester for vegan food, but in a very meaty round-up we think it deserves a second mention for its plant-based burgers. Here you can get a burger made of ‘Buttermalk fried seitan chckn’, ‘beefy patty’, ‘baecon’, or beer battered tofu fish, so you won’t be missing out if you’re vegan lifestyle leaves you missing those juicy, meaty burgers – except this one will be (relatively) guilt free! 

Yard & Coop 
37 Edge St, Manchester, M4 1HW 
Ok so, this is a fried chicken restaurant. However, we couldn’t end this round-up without mentioning their Massive Cock. The Massive Cock MK IV burger is a dish that keeps evolving and as it stands is an absolute beauty to behold. Combining buttermilk fried chicken, cheese sauce, adobo chilli mayo, mac n cheese, hash browns, Dr Pepper pulled chicken and ‘crunchy chicken crack’ (we don’t know either) this £18 burger is no mean feat. Maybe pass on the sides with this one…