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Where to Eat: Desserts in East London

Even if the Easter bunny doesn’t visit your garden this month, there are plenty of ways to get your sweet fix this springtime

If there's one thing we know about East London, it's that the sweet-toothed among us are positively spoiled for choice. Tickle your tastebuds with ice cream, freakshakes, donuts and more. If it's gluttonous, it's goood, and if it's on this list, it's the best.

Crosstown Doughnut, Shoreditch

Crosstown doughnuts' new location brings their famous sourdough doughnuts to East London. Freshly baked in-store every day, the doughnuts are light, fluffy and come in a range of exciting flavours: the PB&J doughnut combines salty, chunky peanut butter with punchy berry jam, and the roasted peach doughnut with sweet peach compote and almond milk glaze is a summery delight. Crosstown also offers seasonal varieties, as all their ingredients are made in house with local produce; this spring, try their rhubarb and ginger doughnut which is topped with a vanilla bean crumble. And with vegan options, these beautiful treats can be enjoyed by everyone.

Sweet, Mile End

This Mile End spot pretty much does what it says on the tin, excelling in all things sweet. While they serve up cakes for afternoon tea as well as proper school dinner comfort puddings such as syrup sponge and cornflake tart, it's their Alto Shakes which steal the show. The towering shakes may be a heart attack in a jar, but with so many amazing ones to choose from, it's hard to resist. Try the Smurf (bubblegum shake with white chocolate sauce, a sugar ring doughnut and whipped cream) for a blue-tinged trip down memory lane or if you are feeling patriotic, opt for The Big Ben. Inspired by London’s famous clock, this is the tallest shake on the menu and is a chocolate lover's dream.

Nosteagia, Bethnal Green

Starting out as a little stall in Brick Lane market, Nosteagia now brings Asian desserts to Bethnal Green. Originating from Hong Kong, bubble waffle is one of Asia’s most popular street foods and is based upon fried egg puff with a variety of sweet toppings like peanut coco-pops, Nutella and banana or mixed berries with cream. For the ultimate Easter treat, try the King Chocolate, which sees Nutella, M&Ms, cream, chocolate twirl and chocolate sauce piled upon light, fluffy waffle. Nosteagia also serves a variety of bubble teas to wash down the bubblewaffles with.

Soft Serve Society, Shoreditch

Located in BoxPark, the Soft Serve Society is passionate about serving premium ice cream in inventive flavours, with the most Instagrammable toppings. Soft Serve Society offers flavours such as matcha, coconut and charcoal as well as sundaes. Try their Matcha Madness, which combines matcha ice cream with red bean paste, Oreos, Japanese Pocky sticks and rice cakes for the ultimate Asian inspired treat. If you need a pick me up, their Espresso Yourself, with vanilla affogato, crumbly Oreos and waffle garnish is a delicious way to get your caffeine fix.

The Urban Chocolatier, Whitechapel

If you hit it a little too hard on Friday night and need a sugar fix pronto, put The Urban Chocolatier on speed dial: their delicious desserts are all available for home order. And while they offer gelato, waffles and cakes such as red velvet and speculoos cheesecake, you can’t visit The Urban Chocolatier without sampling some of their very own chocolate. Their melted chocolate pot comes with fresh strawberries, fresh banana, pillowy marshmallows and waffles to dip in. Or try their Chocolate Coma, a melt in the middle chocolate soufflé topped with melted chocolate and chocolate crumb for the full blown chocaholic experience.