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Calling all cinephiles! If a trip to the talkies is your ideal way to while away a few hours then we’re here to help

Calling all cinephiles! If a trip to the talkies is your ideal way to while away a few hours then we’re here to help. As much as we salute the mighty multiplexes of the UK with their excellent variety of the bright new cinematic offerings, sometimes you want something a little bit different from a movie night. So whether you’re into big blockbusters, indie inspiration, new filmmakers, documentaries, live events or silver screen classics, these venues all offer something a little something different. 

Image credit: The Prince Charles Cinema via Facebook 
The Prince Charles Cinema
7 Leicester Pl, WC2H 7BY

We’ve made no secret in past features that we’re a little bit in love with the whole vibe of the PCC. It may be nestled next to one of London’s biggest tourist traps, but the filmgoing experience here is catered to fellow film geeks of all ages and tastes. You may come for the current releases, but you’ll stay for their excellent mix of interactive programming with everything from sing-a-longa screenings of classics such as Moulin Rouge!, The Sound of Music and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, seasons dedicated to cult filmmakers, as well as their pyjama party all-nighter movie marathons with themes ranging from Harry Potter, teen movies to Tarantino.  

The Electric Cinema
191 Portobello Rd, Notting Hill, W11 2ED

If you like a little history and glamour with your trip to the movies, then The Electric is a dream come true. Built in 1910 as one of the first buildings in the UK designed specifically for showing films, London’s oldest working cinema has had many high and lows before being taken over by the Soho House Group who are known for their flair for high quality and comfort. Therefore, it’s no surprise that you can watch a mix of mainstream, independent and world cinema, including a range of special events and screenings, whilst snuggled into plush velvet armchairs, sofas and even huge bed-sized sofas with cashmere blankets for that full-on relaxing experience. 

Image credit: The Lexi Cinema via Facebook 
The Lexi Cinema
194B Chamberlayne Rd, Kensal Green, NW10 3JU

One of the joys of good cinema is its ability to make us feel all the feels, so surely even better is a night at the flicks that does this with an added bonus of making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside thanks to being part of an excellent cause? The Lexi is a little independent boutique digital cinema where 100% (yes really) go to a charity that supports the lives and wellbeing of a rural South African village, pretty amazing right?  Ran predominantly by a team of passionate volunteers, you can expect a diverse and inclusive programme including lots of live arts screenings and events with a keen sense of community.

The Ritzy
Brixton Oval, Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, SW2 1JG

Right in the heart of Brixton, The Ritzy is the film fan hub of the area and as part of the Picturehouse family, you can expect the level of comfort  and the varied screenings that the chain is known for whilst settling in for a film with a wine in hand and the promise of delicious food at the café afterwards. Not just satisfied with screening movies, they also love a fun film-focused event in guises such as a Disney karaoke night and the fantastic and very popular monthly audiovisiual movie quiz: You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat, where teams of self-confused movie nerds can battle it out to see who boasts the best trivia.

Image credit: Peckhamplex via Facebook 
95A Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15 4ST

If you’re a after a blockbuster but you’re on a budget, then a trip to the much-loved Peckhamplex will tick both boxes. Showing the most popular box office hits as well as some great Q&A’s and events, all at only £4.99 a ticket, this cinema may not have all the frills and extras that some of the others in the capital boast, but with a ticket for under a fiver you can go mad at the pick ’n’ mix and still have change to spare. 

Cine Lumiere
17 Queensberry Pl, South Kensington, SW7 2DT

World cinema fans looking for somewhere to get their film fix can call off the search with the discovery of Cine Lumiere. Part of the Institut Francais, the cinema prides itself on bringing the best of new and classic cinema from across the world to London audiences of all ages, with everything from family programming to film festivals celebrating the global cinematic community and working hard to make it inclusive and accessible to all.