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Which London attraction should you visit according to your star sign?

From Aries to Aquarius: what do the stars have in store for you?

From Aries to Aquarius: what do the stars have in store for you?

Aries: The Roof at the O2 Arena
Tbh, Aries, you're a bundle of contradictions: you want to get wild and crazy, but you also want to stay in control. Lucky for you, we’ve got just the ticket: climbing the roof of the O2 Arena. You get to literally walk up the side of a huge building, but also, there’s a guide making sure you don’t fall off and stuff - and giving out tip top London facts, of course.
Taurus: A foodie tour of London Bridge
Here's a mouth-watering plan to satisfy Taurus' love of earthly delights: arrive at Padella in London Bridge around midday on a Saturday. There’ll be a a couple of hours' wait for a lunch spot, so spend some time wandering Borough Market, then pop round the corner and go to Maltby Street Market to check out the literal cornucopia of foodie delights waiting there, before heading back to Padella - just in time for a delicious fresh pasta lunch. 

Gemini: Daunt Books and FAM bar
Gems are ruled by Mercury, leaving them with words as their whip-sharp weapon of choice. So of course, you have to visit one of the capital’s best book shops. But look, Gemini, we also know you like to party… so check out FAM, a fantastic bar 10 minutes' stroll from Daunt Books where you can practise chatting up some QTs with all those new words you just learnt.
Cancer: Columbia Road Flower Market
Cancer just wants to bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles so we can all eat it and be happy, right? Well, at Columbia Road Flower Market you can pick up beautiful bouquets under the Sunday sky, eat delicious pastries from the French patisseries which line the streets and pick a notebook up from one of the cute boutiques to write all your feelings down in - dreamy.

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Leo: The Crystal Maze and London Zoo
We all know Leos are big kids at heart, and are, uh, fairly fond of being the centre of attention. So here are two options: pretend you’re fulfilling your childhood dream of being on a big TV show by taking on the new real-life Crystal Maze at the Trocadero, or failing that, go super Leo and visit the lions at London Zoo – just try not to get into a roaring competition.
Virgo: Alfie's Antiques Market
Naw, Virgo. Always being told you’re the uptight one, the mom friend, the one with a colour-coded calendar synced to all your devices. So what, the calendar thing is true? You’re just on top of today’s technology! We recommend a visit to Alfie’s Antiques Market – searching for the best bargains will definitely bring out the best in your organisational (and let’s face it, slightly competitive) side.
Libra: Japan House
Libra is the beauty-lover of the zodiac - yes, you also love justice and peace, yadda yadda, but let's be real, you like pretty stuff. We’d recommend a visit to the Japan House, where you’ll go positively green with envy at the aesthetic know-how put into the displays. Not only that, but you can take calligraphy classes there too, so you can take some style home with you.

#TBT to our #LivingColours : Kasane – the Language of Japanese Colour Combinations exhibition. The exhibition explored Japan's deep appreciation and passion for colour, and was presented through the work of the 200-year-old Yoshioka Dyeing Workshop in Kyoto. While the exhibition is over, The Shop at Japan House London still carries a selection of items available from the Yoshioka Dyeing Workshop. Want to learn more? Read the new Story on our website. (link in bio) . . . #JapanHouseLondon #TheShop #かさねの森 #YoshiokaDyeingWorkshop #NaturalDyes #Textiles #Colours #colour_guru #exhibition #Kensington #coloursofnature #shokunin #職人 #職人技 #plantdyed #naturalcolour #botanicaldye #Japanesecraftsmanship #textiles

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Scorpio: Highgate Cemetery
There are some spooky graveyards in London, but only one is quite atmospheric (read: emo) enough for mysterious Scorpio: Highgate Cemetery. Wander the funereal architecture and the dark trees, visit the graves of famous Scorps who came before you (George Eliot is buried here) and contemplate the fate of any who may dare to cross you.

Sagittarius: Hampstead Ponds
We know you like to get out and about into Mother Nature, Sag, and Hampstead Ponds are about as close to an international adventure you’re going to get while staying within the M25. It’s always an adventure of a walk to get to the ponds, no matter which direction you come from, and once you’re rewarded with your arrival at London's favourite wild swimming spot, you’ll feel like you’re in a whole other world.
Capricorn: The Shard
Going to the top of the Shard is something no Londoner should miss out on, but you, most driven and ambitious Capricorn, will love the sense of world domination - I mean, achievement -you’ll get from being up there. And once you’re at the top, spend all that hard-earned money on some on-top-of-the-world champagne at the luxurious Sky Bar. 
Aquarius: London Transport Museum and Hidden London Tours
Someone once said that all Aquas are just aliens in disguise, and to be honest I don’t think they’re wrong. You have a penchant for unusual activities, so we think you’d get well stuck in at the London Transport Museum, riding Routemasters, sitting in old train carriages and having generally weird and geeky fun learning about a part of London life most don’t pay attention to. Better yet, check out their Hidden London tours for a peek at the capital's secret underbelly...
Pisces: The London Aquarium
Yes it’s obvious! Yes I’m doing it anyway! Sweet, emotional Pisces, head down to the London Aquarium, where you can find all manner of fishy chums to hang out with. You can lose yourself in the dark corridors thinking about everyone you’ve ever loved and lost, and after a few hours you’ll still have a whole evening left to head out for a nice glass of wine, and maybe a poetry reading…